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2019 Nationals Qualification

I took last season off from a tournament perspective, but I received a M4 Nationals qualification via e-mail yesterday? I looked on the USAWS website, but I was unable to find a good explanation. Can anyone fill me in on the qualifications change?
Daryn Dean - Lakes of Katy, TX
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  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,588 Mega Baller
    Did you ski in the Fall?
    SR SL Judge & Driver (“a driver who is super late on the wheel and is out of sync”)
  • JeffSurdejJeffSurdej Posts: 624 USAWS Official
    @Texas6 pm me your name
    AWSA President
  • MilfordMilford Posts: 104 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    I received a qualification letter today, as well. The last tournament I skied in was May 2018. I took the last year off due to an injury, so was really surprised to get the letter congratulating me on qualifying for Nationals.
  • KelvinKelvin Posts: 1,187 Mega Baller
    @Texas6 Any chance that email was meant for your son? He is qualified pending regionals participation.
    Kelvin Kelm, Lakes of Katy, Katy Texas
  • JeffSurdejJeffSurdej Posts: 624 USAWS Official
    The cutoff date for nationals qualification is now right after the previous nationals so around mid August 2018.

    so you could technically qualify from fall 2017 scores since it’s a 12 month rolling list.

    Hoping there are no errors in the list we pulled so I’d be happy to investigate more but as long as you skied an event since August 2017 it is possible to take 2018 off and still squeak in.
    AWSA President
  • jedgelljedgell Posts: 352 Baller
    I got the same thing. Skied in one tournament last year, and none the year before. Figured they're just trying to get more skiers to go to Regionals & Nats?
    Justin Edgell - Bozeman, MT
  • Texas6Texas6 Posts: 2,197
    @jedgell, I did ski in the previous fall, which could have been why I received the invitation. I intend to go this year but wanted to ensure I punched my ticket the right way. @JeffSurdej pm sent
    Daryn Dean - Lakes of Katy, TX
    ***Robbed out of Hundreds of Panda Worthy Posts***
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