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Dacon62Dacon62 Posts: 735 Crazy Baller
Buddy of mine has a 99 Malibu Sportster that had part of the windshield taken out in a windstorm this winter. Needs the passenger side frame and glass or at a minimum the passenger side blade glass. Because of the curve in the glass I don’t think it would be interchangeable with the drivers side blade glass.

Anyone know of one for sale out there?
Boat is in southern BC. About 2 hours north of Seattle. Closer the better to keep shipping costs down.


  • bajabaja Posts: 249 Baller
    @Dacon62 google Pacific Coast Marine Windshields. They were the OEM for Malibu 2007 RLXi. Used them to replace a walk-thru window. They are in BC.
  • DWDW Posts: 2,110 Mega Baller
    @Dacon62 you might try Great Lakes Skipper, hit and miss on mfg parts and their inventory. Is that windshield same as RLX or older Echelon that opens up used market.
  • Dacon62Dacon62 Posts: 735 Crazy Baller
    edited May 2019
    @DW Echelon and RLX are wider hulls. Won’t fit.
    @baja pacific coast has a windshield but it is also too wide and so the middle flip out section would have to be cut down which would make it harder to move through. And a custom one was going to cost I think something like $4,000-$6,000. Yikes.
    Would be ideal to find a boat that has been written off by an insurance because of sinking or something like that with an intact windshield.
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