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Photo reveals Caldwell rumor to be true!

CsSkisCsSkis Posts: 120 Baller
Spectators watched in amazement at the recent Trophy Lakes tournament as Adam Caldwell ran 1/2 at 43 and 5.5 at 41 in rounds 1 and 2 respectively. In addition, Caldwell was heard to say "My forearms were smoked from finalizing design with Cord the entire previous week. I must have easily skied over 200 passes over the previous 10 days, 90% of which were at 38 and shorter at 36 and 34mph." and "The first 41 all three buckles opened up on the back of 3 ball"

Eyebrows were raised and the subject of suspicious "performance enhancers" was raised.

But, now the truth can be revealed!

(Thanks to @Horton or @MattP for source picture.)
Chuck Illi


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