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Looking to rent a house for a vacation on Lake Norman near Charlotte

RLWRLW Posts: 68 Baller
Thinking about heading for a week family vacation to Lake Norman this summer and bringing my Nautique. There are lots of waterfront VRBOs online, but wondering if anyone has advice or connections regarding house rentals. I read that there are 4 courses on the lake run by a local ski club; anyone with info for visitors? Also, I know Little Mountain is close - wondering if it would be possible for a visitor to check it out and ski?


  • gcam4gcam4 Posts: 87 Baller
    There is a well known Nautique website that has an ad titled "Lakefront Guest House" on it's opening page. I would contact Jeff, the owner of both said website and the house. The Lake Norman ski club has submersible courses (Lake Norman) for it's members and one permanent course (Lake Davidson). I am not sure about Little Mountain, but I would imagine others will chime in that have contacts there.
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