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PROSTAR all smiles

Dacon62Dacon62 Posts: 754 Crazy Baller
edited June 2019 in Boat Talk
Just got to go on a little rant here about the new to me Prostar.
Love this boat!
It’s a ‘17 that was broken in at McClintocks.
Have put about 10 hours on it and man it just makes me smile every time we use it.
There isn’t a shortening from 15-28 off that I have skied yet that isn’t soft and easy to cross.
Rudder had too much factory right turn torque so bit by bit hand filed the port side so it has just the right amount.
Upgraded the Zero Off from rev R to the S version. Currently using C1+ and loving it.
The 5.7 Ilmor is a beast...don’t need any more power for what we do.
The roominess, ski racks, decadence flooring, removable bow cover, etc all make for a extremely well thought out and built boat.
So very pleased with my purchase and looking forward to shorting the line and new PB’s for the ski crew this summer!

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