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Help needed!! Desperate to find replacement fin for a 1975 Taperflex Concave Competition water ski

Hello -
Im obviously new to this forum, but had no idea where else to check for help. I'm trying to replace a metal fin that was on my mother's 1975 Taperflex Concave Competition water ski. I'm having quite a bit of trouble locating the replacement fin as it's measurements are not easy to find. The fin measures 4 1/2 inches from top screws to bottom screw and the width of the top two screws is appx 3/4 inch apart. If anyone has any suggestions on where I might go to find this replacement part please let me know.
Many thanks!


  • dvskierdvskier Posts: 596 Crazy Baller
    There's a complete ski as described on eBay for $54. That would be a good option.
  • skibrainskibrain Posts: 140 Baller
    One of the guys making Adirondack chairs out of old water skis has posted with piles of unused/removed bindings, fins and hardware. Can’t recall where I saw that.
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