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Musings of a novice fin settings guy...

Not skiiing this year as much as last- new baby, bad weather, swamped at office. So, I was skiing crappy & decided to experiment with settings. I only last year started running -28 at 34.2 so I’m no expert. But, anyone who doesn’t adjust settings- I highly recommend DO IT. I moved my fin forward, DFT 0.7395 and changed my wing from 9 to 8 degrees. I was on my tail on my offside before, my offside is much better now. Staying on the front of the ski much better, more angle out of turn, it’s a noticeable difference. When I’m focused & have good water (today was a good day) my -22 passes feel very fast & my line is very tight at the buoy. I assume less wing helps with speed past the 2nd wake. Haven’t skied -28 yet this summer, I want to get good reps & muscle memory at -22 first. But my point is, if you don’t already, get some calipers and start playing with settings it’s been fruitful for me. Now if my boat would only cooperate (see my other post...).
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