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How do YOU define/measure your PB/PR?



  • raynrayn Posts: 391 Baller
    edited July 2019
    Other? - please describe!
    Tournament PB
    Off the dock practice PB
    Ski school PB

    For me they are all different.
    Ray Newmark -
  • teammalibuteammalibu Posts: 951 Mega Baller
    Tournaments only; the one 'true' gauge
    My best scores are in R tourneys but I wish I could get close to that in practice again!
    Mike Erb Cedar Ridge Canton Miss.
    Horton is my hero
  • ScottScottScottScott Posts: 995 Mega Baller
    Other? - please describe!
    While all of my practice bests have been at a ski school (Jodi's,) I have been able to back it up shortly at tournament or other locations. I just started doing tournaments last summer. 1st tournament I was able to equal my practice best. After that I wasn't able to better that score in tournaments, just equaling it a couple times, even though I was improving and setting new practice bests. As I improved over the winter, I set new practice bests along the way. 1st tournament this year I not only beat last years tournament best by a pass and a half, I beat my practice best at the time by a couple balls (completing a pass I hadn't before and getting 1 balls at a line I hadn't seen before.) Since then I have run that pass in practice and gotten 2 balls at the next line, now to back it up in a tournament.
  • NandoNando Posts: 560 Crazy Baller
    I lied when I answered the poll- while I do believe it's tournament results that define legitimate PBs, I'm guilty of freely telling people my practice PB, which is over a pass better. (At least it was done under tournament conditions [consecutive, accurate course, good senior driver, etc], but clearly I'm a hypocrite...
  • ISP6ballISP6ball Posts: 187 Baller
    A practice PB will definitely measure a person's physical ability to get down the rope as far as possible. Tournament PB's incorporate the physical ability along with mental fortitude. For some, the scores are very similar. For others they might be quite a ways apart.
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