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Trick bindings

TravisNWTravisNW Posts: 89 Baller
I’ve been using a Wiley binding on my trick for a long time but I’m not in love with it, my sets are limited due to cramping and I feel like the high wrap is to high. I’ve used the reflex but I have a tendency to bash my shin on the release and that feels terrible. For clarification I’m talking hand pass set up. Anyway are there more compact heal releases or is there a no release setup option? Let’s hear it!


  • TravisNWTravisNW Posts: 89 Baller
    Adding one thing because I do see a lot of trickers with reflex and no shin problems could my back binding placement be off, where should the back foot be in terms of spacing, offset and angle? Advantages and disadvantages?
  • MuskokaKyMuskokaKy Posts: 296 Baller
  • WaterSkier12WaterSkier12 Posts: 269 Baller
    MOB with a Radar Vapor
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,277 Mega Baller
    edited July 10
    I 2nd the MOB for trick. Any boot you want. If you’re on a Reflex boot now, just take the heel block off and stick the boot on a MOB plate. You don’t have to make any “new binding feel” adjustment
  • Not_The_PugNot_The_Pug Posts: 595 Crazy Baller
    @TravisNW check out fluid motion hard shell. I have my trick set up with no release, so no issue with shin hitting heal release. They use a hockey shell, so it mounts flat to plate.
  • SanderwoutersSanderwouters Posts: 10 Baller
    I have used a small rubber piece from a windsurfing boom protector to wrap around my release, works quite well. Long wetsuit also helps. I just mostly deal with it. My sister also gets annoyed when the release hits her shin and has gotten a scar from it, so be careful if you don't want scars on your shin.
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,875 Infinite Pandas
    A release for hands is debatable as to whether it is safer. Often your hardshell will break (before anything on your leg) if it doesn't release. Pre releases are very dangerous - especially if you are using a heel strap for a very secure back foot.

    A good system I've seen is to add a snowboard strap across the Reflex boot to positively hold the boot in place. Unclip it for toes or tricks where you want a release. Strap in for flips.

    I use a thick liner, extra foam padding and very stiff rubber straps to hold my foot in. In a big crash, there is enough give that my foot can come out. Happens maybe twice a season. Going for the Wileys high wrap release but comfortable and light.

    I used a releasable system to learn flips. Not a Reflex so there was no hardware to bash. But I still chewed up my shin hitting the ski after a release.

    Every time I released from a Reflex, my shin was bloody so shin guards, pads over the silveretta or better yet the snowboard strap to prevent releases is called for.

    +1 on the Fluid Motion bolted down set up. MOB is OK but I'm not sure if it can be set up for no release. Wileys might be good until you learn your flips well enough to rarely fall.

  • HortonHorton Posts: 27,762 Administrator
    If you're going to bolt a boot straight to your plate why not go to the local sporting goods store and buy a cheap all plastic rollerblade boot cut it up and mount it

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  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,875 Infinite Pandas
    @Horton Good idea but modern rollerblades aren't all plastic anymore. They are very hard to find.

    If you do go that route, get an Intuition liner and an oversized shell.

  • TravisNWTravisNW Posts: 89 Baller
    @eleeski your right I see a lot more soft core hard shell hybrid rollerblade boots. I wonder if some of those might actually work okay assuming the footbed is solid? Wake board boots have gone that way soft boot with a snowboard like binding. You couldn’t mount buckles to the show part but they may lace better.

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