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Wooden Throttle Knob for 2013 Nautique

Currently have a 1998 Nautique 196 with a wooden threaded throttle knob. Upgrading to a 2013 Nautique 200 this summer and looking to get a wooden throttle knob for that as a gift for my dad. However, the 2013 throttle knob is secured with a set screw instead of threaded in. So I'm looking for someone who either sells a wooden throttle knob with a set screw, or would be willing to make one. Any and all suggestions appreciated!


  • AndreAndre Posts: 1,390 Mega Baller
    Set screws can't hold in wood,there must be a threaded metal hub at least but a machine shop could make the metal part and @dbski could make a VERY VERY nice wood knob!
  • fledgerfledger Posts: 2
    @Andre thanks for the info, I'll hit him up!
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