Senate Graphite vs Lyric Graphite

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I am not skiing as much as was once the case (or as much as I would like). So, it is time to switch to a Senate. I am planning on going with the Graphite model (65).

Although the 2020 Senates will be released in the next month, the season in Canada is short. And there are no 2019 Senate Graphites left to be had.

But... my local shop has a 2019 Lyric Graphite (65) in stock. I understand that this is exactly the same construction, maybe just with a softer flex.

I am a small guy... 135lbs... and am wondering if the Lyric Graphite might even be a preferable option? I seem to recall another small guy on the forum going this route, but can't find the thread.

In terms of skiing, these days I am sort of -15, 30mph. Maybe 32mph on a good day.

Any thoughts?

Edit... I connected with @brooks . Lyric Graphite it is.
Patrick Moore
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