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2020 Radar Senate Pro



  • paul413skipaul413ski Posts: 192 Baller
    @gsm_peter Several sets on the new lithium Senate can safely say this is the easiest ski I have ever skied on my off side is the best ever less stress on the body Great job Radar
    gsm_peterChris RossiWoodySkier
  • C5QuestC5Quest Posts: 293 Baller
    So any further experiences on this thing? How about some reports with a whisper fin set up? Looking to add another Senate to the quiver next season.
  • paul413skipaul413ski Posts: 192 Baller
    @C5Quest installed the whisper on my 69 31.5 binding 2.515 1.905 5.760 lff love the ski with these numbers off side is the best ever
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,141 Mega Baller
    @paul413ski is the Whisper fin thin like the stock fin or did you have to stuff it in there?
  • jeffmitchelljeffmitchell Posts: 6 Baller
    I am on a Senate Pro 65 inch now and love it! I am 5’ 6” and 168, coming off of a 66” D3 and skiing better than I have in 2 years. Thanks Corey and Brooks!!
  • C5QuestC5Quest Posts: 293 Baller
    @jeffmitchell how was the transition? Does the 65 feel small? I’m about same height and weight. Maybe a couple pounds heavier but will slim down to 170. Stock fin or whisper fin?
  • paul413skipaul413ski Posts: 192 Baller
    @a_b fitted straight in the block was originally bought for my lithium vapor
  • IcebergmanIcebergman Posts: 8 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    @C5Quest One of my Students switched to a 67' 2020 Senate Pro from a 69" 2015 Senate. He has gone from [email protected] to [email protected] Pb since switching skis. Fully stock settings
  • C5QuestC5Quest Posts: 293 Baller
    So he downsized? Height and weight?
  • AndersonSkiTeamAndersonSkiTeam Posts: 50 Baller
    edited October 4
    Not sure if this is the right thread but I am debating between a 2019 and 2020 Senate Pro. I can pick up a 19 relatively cheap to the '20. Anyone try both and know how they are skiing different. I am on a 2016 Vapor and like it but am a 34mph 15-28off skier. Thinking the switch to Senate Pro '19 or '20 may be more beneficial for me than my 2016 Vapor.
  • RAKRAK Posts: 17 Baller
    Really like my 2020 Senate pro 67 was on 16 Vapor Graphite 68 34mph 15-22 off skier on upper weight limit 95kgs but works well for me.
  • Dacon62Dacon62 Posts: 698 Crazy Baller
    Had a 19 Senate Lithium (great ski) and now a 20 Senate Pro. Skied the best I ever have this year on the 20 Senate Pro. It just works well everywhere.
  • LobonatorLobonator Posts: 66 Baller
    @AndersonSkiTeam I know the gentlemen @bergs is talking about. He went back to back between the 19 and the 20 and ended up skiing better, and purchasing the 20
  • jskierjskier Posts: 9 Baller
    @C5Quest: That student weighs 205 and is 6"3 :)
  • kk2skikk2ski Posts: 4
    How about the 2020 Senate Pro 65" for a women skier 130 lbs, 5'5". Max speed is 30 mph. Will generating speed be harder? Skiing 22 and 28 off. Should I try it or try something different? Such as Lyric Graphic or Vapor Pro Build?
  • 34mph34mph Posts: 185 Baller
    @kk2ski ... My wife loves the Lyric Graphite ...Skis 15 off at 30 mph in the course.
  • C5QuestC5Quest Posts: 293 Baller
    I think 65 Senate would work
  • m_pagsm_pags Posts: 77 Baller
    edited October 9
    I've been on a 2020 67" Senate Pro for 7 sets now. I downsized from a 2019 69" Senate Pro. I'm 6'3" 195 lbs. This ski is just flat out working for me. Quicker turns, more angle and way earlier at the ball. I've run more -28's in 7 sets than I did in a year on the 69" and today I ran -32 for the 1st time ever. My settings are stock #s from Radar's website. I ski at 32.3 due to joint replacements.
  • kk2skikk2ski Posts: 4
    I'm on a 66" Vapor Pro Build now and would think downsizing to 65" Senate Pro might be a good choice. The 66" Pro Build doesn't turn like I would like it to. It's pretty good across course, creates good speed, I would just like it to turn better.
  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,194 Mega Baller
    @m_pags interesting that at almost 2 bills and skiing 32 MPH the 67 supports you well. I'm 250 lbs and on a 2019 71" but maybe I need to try a 69 in the 2020.
  • m_pagsm_pags Posts: 77 Baller
    @UWSkier Support is definitely not an issue. I feel like I'm working less on the 67 than the 69. I'm able to keep it on edge through the wakes better. Deep water starts are no more work either.

    I absolutely Love this ski. Yesterday's 1st ever -32 full pass at Eden Ski Lake was not a fluke. I skied at The Boarding School today with Freddie and improved my score. Straight up the line -15, -22, -28, -32 to [email protected] -35. I finished with a new PB of [email protected] 32.3mph.

    I have a 2019 69" Senate Pro for sale.
  • epnaultepnault Posts: 265 Solid Baller
    @m_pags please PM me your location and price on that 19 Senate Pro
  • JordanJordan Posts: 1,171 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    @kk2ski what do you want the ski to do differently in the turn? If I were you I would get in touch with @Chris Rossi , @Swini or @brooks to give you some setup ideas. I haven't heard anyone saying that the vapor pro build doesn't turn well.
  • C5QuestC5Quest Posts: 293 Baller
    ^^^This. Just trying a ski and deciding it doesn’t work is like using a car without shifting gears. I just moved my bindings 1/8 in on my 2020 Vapor and went from wanting to put it in the trash to loving it.
  • coach3coach3 Posts: 86 Baller
    @C5Quest Which way did you move your bindings?
  • C5QuestC5Quest Posts: 293 Baller
    Running L/S and moved forward to from 29 1/2 to 29 5/8. Seemed to work better for me. Season over now so will maybe need to get a few more sets in Florida or wait until next year.
  • coach3coach3 Posts: 86 Baller
    Is the Senate faster or slower across course than the Vapor? (34 mph) Anyone have a feel for that?
  • jskierjskier Posts: 9 Baller
    @coach3 I have tried both skis, size 67. I certainly didn't find the Senate Pro any slower across the course. With more surface area, it was probably actually quicker.
  • C5QuestC5Quest Posts: 293 Baller
    I’d say both are very quick
  • BooBoo Posts: 12 Baller
    I ski on Goode XTR but would like to try Senate Pro. My best tournament score this year is one-half at 28 off. My top speed is 30mph. I weigh 145. Need to ski 22 off consistently. Would prefer 66 inch but 65 or 67 inch is only choice. I would appreciate suggestions on which length would be best for me. Thanks.
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