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Introducing the all-new GOODE ReVOcc

ROBOTROBOT Posts: 233 Administrator
edited August 2019 in Skis Fins Bindings

The company that forever changed water skiing with the introduction of carbon-fiber skis has done it again with the sport's first ever carbon core slalom ski. The new-for 2020 ReVOcc is the turbocharged version of the ski that won a Big Dawg Season Championship and topped the podium at major tournaments across the globe. The ReVOcc features:  

  • The all-new Carbon Core: Greater rebound, more stability at the ball and increased durability.
  • A thinner profile: The Carbon Core's increased strength allows for a thinner side profile, leading to a deeper-riding ski that offers skiers a more connected-to-the-water feeling.
  • Softer flex patterns: The Carbon Core led to the holy grail of ski design - soft flex patterns that produce indestructible, symmetrical turns, with quick rebound out of the turn that generates amplified side-to-side speed.
  • Larger, rounder bevels: Working in concert with the thinner profile, refined bevels provide a more stable, predictable ride, resulting in more buoys even when things don't go as planned (read: better scrambling ability).
"What I noticed instantly was how quick I came out of the buoy. I just locked in and rocketed out of the buoy without any hesitation. I ran three at 41 right off the dock and knew immediately we were on to something." - Dave Miller

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  • mr34mr34 Posts: 4 Baller
    Has anyone any info on the new Goode ski? I am up for a new ski this year. Currently have 2 years left at 32MPH and then am at 30MPH for the rest of my competition days. Appears this ski can be tuned for specific speeds.
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