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Whisper fin at nationals.

bhsbhs Posts: 280 Baller
Just curious if anyone has seen one on the podium? Rumor had it that Nate was using one and I see he won OM.


  • WishWish Posts: 7,858 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★

    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
  • kckc Posts: 149 Baller
    @Wish That’s not US Nationals, maybe Canadian?
  • WishWish Posts: 7,858 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Wooops...still impressive. 👍
    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
  • Ed_JohnsonEd_Johnson Posts: 2,118
    edited August 9
    W5, WOW..she looks like W3...Maybe the Whisper Fin makes you younger too!!!
    I might start putting mine under my pillow !!

    Special Thanks to Performance Ski and Surf and the Denali Adam's !!!
  • BoozeBooze Posts: 394 Solid Baller
    Candice Bergen
    liquid d
  • WaterSkier12WaterSkier12 Posts: 269 Baller
    3rd place B2 slalom, [email protected]
    Thanks Jay!!
  • JordanJordan Posts: 1,175 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Someone said that Nate Smith was using one at Nationals....
  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,588 Mega Baller
    If so that ties his 2 worst scores in 2 years....
    SR SL Judge & Driver (“a driver who is super late on the wheel and is out of sync”)
  • BuxrusBuxrus Posts: 21 Baller
    @WaterSkier12 not sure why I hit off topic button or even how I did it. Purely accidental. I thinks it’s right where my thumb hits page while I scroll up and down. Sorry. Don’t know how to undo. Congrats on your nationals score.
  • ballsohardballsohard Posts: 254 Baller
    @Drago but if the fin whispering god himself @SkiJay is to be believed then Nate has been lighting it up in practice on the thing, likely tournament performances will come.
  • blakeyatesblakeyates Posts: 138 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    @WaterSkier12 , Congrats and Hope to see more of that.
    Blake Yates
    Nautique Promo Rep, GA
  • WaterSkier12WaterSkier12 Posts: 269 Baller
    No problem buxrus
    Thanks Blake!

    Looked closely at Nate’s ski, looked like a regular D3 fin
  • klindyklindy Posts: 2,303 Mega Baller
    @Buxrus to undo you just click on it again.
    Keith Lindemulder
    AWSA Vice President
    AWSA Southern Region EVP
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