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Limit growth with overlaps???

WiscoSkierWiscoSkier Posts: 16 Baller
So as I sit at my computer at work I have two separate live streams going. One of three event nationals and one of show ski nationals. When the thought came to me, why do these events occur on the same weekend? This also happens with Wisconsin 3-event state and Wisconsin show ski state. Why are we forcing skiers to choose between one or the other? I realize the overlap between 3 event and show skiing may not be huge but it definitely exists. Both have to be members of USA waterski, why not let the select few who do both get the most out of there membership. Having them on two separate weekends in my opinion would help the attendance of both events. Not having to choose between what tournament to attend could be a huge growth factor. A good flip trick pass at a 3 event tournament is still a good trick pass at a show ski tournament. If anyone has any input on why these events often end up being the same weekend please share. I just find it silly that two major ski events are held at the exact same time.


  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 3,821 Mega Baller
    Not going to claim that I'm big into show skiing, but I have gone up to see the Worlds in Wisconsin before and have seen a few other shows - can be fun to watch.

    What I will say is - you're a rare bird to be interested in both.

    You'd think there would be a good amount of overlap, but the times I've been I was wearing shirts pertaining to collegiate waterski. Several people commented they didn't know that those schools had show ski teams! When I told them about what it was they were not particularly interested. So I guess the moral - Wisconsin is the mecca of show skiing and its maybe not that popular overall with the three event crowd so it would be easy to see how they'd be at the same time being that its summertime.
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