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What are some of your favorite Waterski Award Ideas for Year End?

bikesrusbikesrus Posts: 36 Baller
Hi all! I’ve had a great time being tournament director for our local club this year. And as we start to wind down the schedule, I am looking for some different ideas for year-end awards. We’ve done gift certicates, handles, Camaro tops....all of which are awesome but I’m trying not to repeat....or if I do at least make it slightly unique?
My budget is about 125$ per class and we only award the winners.
What were some of your favs?


  • nikandstevenikandsteve Posts: 59 Baller are making some fun coolers in different colors and styles similar to Yeti that would be in your budget. Or a hydroflask? Pop-up tent? Cool chair with club logo? Thinking things somewhat ski-related you can use for tourneys!
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