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Best wake for wife @ 15 off 28 MPH

My wife has been sking for 20 years behind our 99 Ski Nautique 196. It's been a great boat but I grew up with Master Crafts so I have no problem with either manufacture both great boats. We do a lot of course skiing and she maxes out at about 32 22 off. This year her back has been a problem so she doing a lot of 28 MPH 15 off. We picked the Ski Nautique 196 in 99 because we test skied both Master Craft and Nautique new back to back and was no comparison in the wakes area for her. It's time for a new boat and I looking to spend $30-40K, maybe a little more if I have to. I'm between a Nautique 200 OB 2010-2017 and a Prostar 2014-2017. Who has the best wakes for her. We also have three kids now 5 1/2 and 2 x 7 year olds. All sking :) . Please set aside biases and give me the truth. Who has the softest and smallest wakes at 28 MPH 15 off? Thanks for the help. I know they are both great boats I just need to know about the the wakes. Thanks everyone!


  • WishWish Posts: 7,860 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    edited August 12
    Daughter in 2014 tourny had one round behind a 200 and one round behind a the MC. Worst score behind the 200 and best behind the MC hands down the MC and by a long shot for slow speeds long line. Still not as good as the bubble butt SN but close. And the room in them with that many little ones would be great. Add in the ability to make it a closed bow if needed and it's a no brainer IMHO.
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    Niles Taylor
  • PretzelPretzel Posts: 3
    I'm open to Malibu but what models and years? There are none on our lake and the last one I skied behind was a 97. My wife did not like the wake so we always used our boat and he bought a 2004 SN 196 a few months later.
  • ScottScottScottScott Posts: 853 Crazy Baller
    I've only recently gotten beyond 28mph, now working on the 22off/32mph pass. We own a Prostar and I ski behind a 200 regularly. I honestly can't say there is much difference at 28mph/15off. As @Wish said, there are many advantages to the Prostar which is why we got it. AND, now that I'm working on 22off at 32mph, I can say there isn't a better 22off wake out there.

    I skied behind a Malibu in a tournament last year, starting at 28mph. I don't know what year it was (not likely older than 2017) but there was definitely a bigger hump at 15off/28mph than the Prostar and 200. I skied behind a brand new Malibu this year starting at 30mph and the wake was much better than what I experienced before. I think there were some changes with the 2018s.
  • escmanazeescmanaze Posts: 720 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Much similar to the experience you had of trying both in 99 and liking the nautique better, I think if you tried both right now, you would like the mastercraft better. Not by such a wide margin probably, but that would still be the result. My experience between the two has been more similar to that of @Wish than @ScottScott.

    I have a 97 SNOB bubble back. I love it BTW. My time behind the prostar was at 28 mph and 30 mph at 15 off a few years ago when I wasn't skiing as well as I am now. It was a super smooth transition and I thought if anything, that maybe the prostar might have a tiny advantage on my boat. The 200 was a different story. Especially the first time behind it, I didn't ski well at all. To be fair it was on a different lake than my home court, but overall, I didn't ski very well and I really did feel like the wake had something to do with it. Since then I've skied that 200 quite a bit and I've gotten much better behind it, and for a while had tied my practice PB behind it even - but that was now at 34 mph, not back at the slower speeds. Haven't skied a prostar since - so I'm still operating off that one time 4 years ago.

    But here's the trick. Your 30-40k budget is much more likely to land you a 200 since those came out in 2010 and the prostar didn't come out until 2014.

    Obviously, you'll ideally want to try both, just like last time. I think you'll agree the prostar is the better wake overall for all kinds of non-shortliners. Maybe those tests will be what is needed to cajole you into raising that budget by the necessary amount. Good Luck. Happy Hunting.
  • brettmainerbrettmainer Posts: 257 Crazy Baller
    Hard to beat a 99 196.
    Carbon Pro is the best wake at slow speeds, newer Pro Stars are very good as well, but even those are only very slightly better than the bubble butt Nautiques.
  • CentCent Posts: 174 Baller
    A second for the Carbon Pro and it gives you a PCM engine.
  • ShellShell Posts: 217 Crazy Baller
    Centurion Carbon Pro hands down!
  • skimtbskimtb Posts: 270 Baller
    edited August 12
    Your 99 has a great wake. You are not going to find a $40k better wake. You will find a newer (maybe nicer) boat with some new features.

    Carbon pro is good for sure.

    MC is great.

    Not knowing more about “how” you use the boat, the MC May be best. It is huge inside.
    You mentioned three kids.

    Find a 2014-2016 MC with dual ski racks (at least one), and you will be amazed at the space even w skis on the boat. Also, MC has open bow, so with back seats + open bow you have some more seating options if needed for kids and their pals.

    I don’t have much time behind the 200, but they have storage lockers in the rear sides that are a love/hate thing. You can put a lot of stuff in them, but you lose some “open space” in the boat, and would be putting boat away with wet compartments.

    There is a really nice MC 2015 listed up in the Northeast now for 45k that looks great.
    Good luck.

    If in good shape, your 99 will sell for good money.
  • HighAltitudeHighAltitude Posts: 145 Baller
    My wife didn't feel any difference between our 99 SN and our 200. She skis at 26 mph. I thought I noticed a difference at 28 mph but after a few months realized I didn't. I now ski at 32 and 34 mph and really don't notice a wake on any boat I ski behind. I've heard newer Prostar's are great and have skied a Carbon Pro but I think the chase for the "best slow speed wake" is a fool's errand. The 99 SN is an amazing boat and any difference at 28 mph will be negligible. Buy a new boat for a lot of reasons but I bet you will be disappointed if you are buying it primarily for an improvement in a slow speed wake. With that said, I love my '14 200 over my 99 SN.
  • DockoelbotoDockoelboto Posts: 86 Baller
    I'm not a great skier so not a great source but...

    I recently purchased a 2013 malibu response TXi and LOVE the wake. very flat and very soft. At least for me. I'm skiing 15off/30mph and very nice for my limited skills. Price wise it definitely fits in your range.

    I think the only advice I can really offer is ski each boat you are considering. decide for yourself and if you are happy that is all that matters.
  • quinnequinne Posts: 48 Baller
    In that price range, take a look at Malibu Response TXi. Flat, soft wake and excellent boat for the family. I just bought a '07 Response LXi and my criteria were 1) amazing wake, 2) family friendly. I did a ton of homework, including skiing behind a '16 MC prostar, '05 Nautique 206, '01 Malibu Sunsetter and then the '07 Malibu Response that I purchased.

    I am 44 yrs old, female, weekend skier, 15 off @ 30 MPH so some of the best advice I was given on BOS is that some of these boats being recommended have great wakes at 32-34 MPH and a short line but 28-30 MPH on a longer line changes the experience substantially.

    You might want to check out the discussion below.

    Good luck!
  • TELTEL Posts: 306 Crazy Baller
    My GF and I have had the opportunity this year to ski behind 2017 MC, 2018 200 CC, 2019 SN CC, our 2008 196 CC, 1991 196 CC, 2015 Carbon Pro, 2018 TXI Malibu. She skies the mini course 15-28 off at 26 and 28 MPH. She says the Malibu had the smallest wakes and easiest to ski behind. Second is the 91 196 from there everything felt about the same to her. Hope that helps. Also some can be more challenging to drive through the course especially at slower speeds and some have little interior space.
  • MarktMarkt Posts: 2 New Baller
    For my money, a 92~94 Prostar 190 26-32 mph 15 off wake is the best, bar none. At 22 off 34 mph, there are boats with a better wake. My .02
  • 34mph34mph Posts: 185 Baller
    Hands down the newer Prostar and we had a 196 before this. My wife skis 15 off at 30 and loves it just as much as the 196
  • mlangemlange Posts: 188 Baller
    edited August 13
    15-off, 32mph ranking across the boats in our crew:

    1. 1998 SN 196
    2. 2004 SN 196
    3. 2016 RTXi
    4. 2015 ProStar

    To be fair the MC PS has never really been set up. The others have been.

    I ran 150lbs of weight in the bow of the TXi. I run 150 in the 2004 SN 196, but only to balance it out better. No weight in the 1998 SN 196 and no weight in the MC PS.

    Haven't skied the SN 200 at that length/speed.

  • PretzelPretzel Posts: 3
    Thanks everyone! Great info. I'm not hoping for a better wake for her @ 28MPH 15 off just similar size and hardness. She has loved skiing behind the 99 and 04 Ski Nautiques 196 all closed bows. She disliked all 99 and newer Master Craft wakes they hurt her back. We need a open bow with three kids and like the idea of more room everywhere. Because I don't know anyone with a Malibu are there better years 2010 and newer? Must be an open bow. How does the quality compare to MC and Correct Craft? Hope I don't open a big can of worms with that question :) Thanks again.
  • buskibuski Posts: 114 Baller
    The response lxi ran from something like 02?-06.
    It was redone from 07-11
    The first TXI was like 12-17?
    And now current gen Txi

    If you dig on the internet for wake feedback, you'll typically find people saying the 07-11 generation was the worst of the bunch. Maybe that's true, but I have an 08 Response LXi and I learned at 15/28, have had a lot of other skiers learn at 28mph or lower, and everyone I ski with prefers mine to other boats in our rotation with a better wake reputation.

    I've skied both generations of TXi but was past 28mph by the time I did that. Both might be a little bit nicer but not enough that it'd have hampered any improvement on mine. I also skied an older Sunsetter (32/34 mph anyway) and it was perfectly fine, and the Sunsetter LXi was supposed to be better.

    All are a nice size boat, walk through open bow, option of a tower or extended pylon if you want to tow while using the back seat, option of the wedge if any of the kids ever need it. I don't really think you could go wrong with any of them. If I were hunting I'd keep options open for them all depending on location/price/looks/options/condition/etc and just give it a ski before buying.
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,964 Mega Baller
    The Response LXI was from 03-06 I think then redone in 07 before the first TXI in 12.

    I don't know about the 99 196 but I do know that my 02 Response LX has better slow speed wakes than an 08 or 09 196. It doesn't track as well as the 196 but the slow speed wakes (and 34 mph wake) is smaller and softer.

    I do ski a fair amount at 30 mph 22 off behind a 16 ProStar and it has a great wake. I haven't tried 28 mph but have seen it back there and it looks pretty good.

    I don't have any experience behind the new TXI.
    Mark Shaffer
  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 618 Crazy Baller
    Lots of good choices with the Tournament boats from the last 8-9 years. Just depends what you want and need beyond skier friendly wakes. OB vs CB. Tower? Use for other activities etc. Good luck
  • quinnequinne Posts: 48 Baller
    I've been skiing behind a friend's '01 Sunsetter LXI all summer and loved it. Great wakes. Great family boat. SS are good between '99-'04 but sounds like you're looking to get into a little bit newer boat. I just bought an '07 Response LXi and skied behind it for the first time Sunday morning. At 15 off 30MPH the wake was awesome. My sister then skied right after me 15 off 26-27MPH and was encountering a huge rooster tail. We sped her up to 29-30MPH and it smoothed out but felt a little fast for her. She's pretty small, 5'4" about 125lbs. We primarily free ski.

    I was really surprised with the size and storage of my '07 Response. Ton's of storage and plenty of places to sit. We ski in the early morn and then pile a lot of kids in and play hard in the afternoon.
  • usaski1usaski1 Posts: 739 Crazy Baller
    I just bought a '16 prostar for 45k. I ski 15 off, in the 26 and 28 mph range.. and it's really good. I think better than the 200.
    Mark Turner -- Water skiing changed my life forever.
  • Kellen417Kellen417 Posts: 36 Baller
    I think hands down for 15 - 22 off regardless of speed Malibu’s are the best option. Really soft & flat. I encounter the same situation you mentioned with a female skiing the same range. We have a 2013 txi, she loves it. We had a 2004 lx, she loved it. The bubble back 196’s are awesome also, she skis one of those too & likes it. She doesn’t complain too much about the new Mastercrafts but cannot stand the 200’s. Carbon pro wakes tho smaller feel stiff to me and used to wreak havoc on my shins & ankles early season when I used to ski -22 a lot. They are all excellent @ -28 & beyond.
  • Kellen417Kellen417 Posts: 36 Baller
    My 2013 is a walk thru open bow & yes, much more room then the older 2004 lx.
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 3,821 Mega Baller
    There's a ski club prostar that was on ski it again. 2000 some hours on the boat but looked in good shape. I was tempted
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