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Damaged Wing

PeterAKPeterAK Posts: 39 Baller
Hola Ballers. Got some great turns in this weekend, but unfortunately my ski had an incident tonight... It was in its bag on the lawn next to the driveway and my wife drove over the end of the bag when she decided to drive her car on the lawn to get around my truck...

Thankfully the ski looks fine and while I think the fin is still straight, it did get pushed up a little and the wing was broken. With the reading I’ve done on this site I've learned that fin changes have a significant impact on how a ski skis.

I’m a 15 off open water skier. Planning to just take the broken wing off and adjust the depth of the fin to where I think it was, but that’s still going to be an estimate. I did not change anything out of the box on this ski and I really like it. ‘16 Connelly V.

Any advice as to how I should approach adjusting the fin, and if I should replace the wing, where to source one?


P.S. The wife is the one who put the bag on the lawn, and feels terrible about it.
Milwaukee and Waupaca, WI -- Let me know if you are in the area and want to get together to ski!


  • PeterAKPeterAK Posts: 39 Baller

    Milwaukee and Waupaca, WI -- Let me know if you are in the area and want to get together to ski!
  • teammalibuteammalibu Posts: 809 Crazy Baller
    Pull the fin and lay it on a flat surface it looks bent to me!
    Mike Erb Cedar Ridge Canton Miss.
    Horton is my hero
  • Stevie BoyStevie Boy Posts: 2,032 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    edited August 12
    Ooh ooh ! Opportunity knocks, I think your wife should let you buy a new ski or even better she could buy you one.
    You wouldn,t want to be injured on a ski that maybe damage, would you ;)

    When The Going Gets Tough, Get Stoked !

  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,571 Mega Baller
    That looks like the plastic wing that Connolly sometimes uses. If so, you are in luck! It is not as good as a normal flat wing, so when you replace it you’ll be making an upgrade.

    Since i assume you don’t have experience measuring or adjusting fins, I would get a new wing from Connolly, put it on and try it before taking the fin out of the fin clamp. If it feels okay, leave it alone.

    To replace the wing you really should get a wing angle gage. You can get a good quality yet reasonably priced set from Ski Doc. You can just buy 7, 7.5 and 8 degree gages if you want to save a little $$. Set the wing at 7 and go from there. If you feel like you need to add drag to turn, go to 7.5. No Connolly skis need more that 8.

    If you don’t want to buy gages, take a pencil and draw a line along the top of the wing on the side that wasn’t damaged and put the new one on using the line as a reference. When you put the new one on, put it on upside down, with the screws closer to the bottom of the ski than the flat plane of the wing.

    In the meantime, after marking the current wing angle with a pencil, take the old wing off and ski without it. It will probably be just fine and you might decide to go without one.

    I would not recommend eye balling a fin adjustment.
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • skialexskialex Posts: 909 Crazy Baller
    @lpskier I was thinking the same things, but then I looked closely to the second picture and the fin was sticking out of the fin box well over a 1/4”. Then I noticed that the Connelly fin box has no adjusting screws so the fin went all the way in until it hit the tightening screws. So @PeterAK I would also suggest to move the fin to about its previous position by using the residue markings on the fin.
  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 621 Crazy Baller
    If it were me, I would get a new ski. Sure, the ski may be fine but if it isn't you will really regret trying to ski it. Think about it, a car ran over the back of the ski. Even a little delamination could result in failure at the tail. The end of the season is coming soon and there are always sales. I bet you could get a new V for a deal and the wife will feel so bad that she won't say a word.
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,962 Mega Baller
    Seems like you should have the green light to buy a new ski particularly since it was your wife's fault.
    Mark Shaffer
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,888 Infinite Pandas
    Bent wings are pretty common. I don't like the hooky wings so a replacement might help. I like a big flat wing. Might be interesting to try without a wing at all. Setting wing angle is not super critical. Your fin has marks so you can use them. I like a pretty steep wing angle - I guess at the setting and if it feels weird I back off a bit (the marks make it easy). I also like the wing upside down from where you have it. It's a learning experience for you - both in figuring out what setup you like and from a skills standpoint to decide what feels best for you.

    Setting the fin isn't as critical as some make it to be. It can't be with the good performances coming from wild fin designs. Still, a set of calipers (or a quality machinist's scale) is very useful. But there are likely some watermarks indicating your original settings so you can eyeball it to get close. I try lots of adjustments. When I find one I like, I mark it with a scribe line on the fin and eyeballing it works well when a reset is needed.

    Do take the fin out and check that it isn't damaged. If it is damaged, this might be a good time to experiment with one of those new fins. You should enjoy that experiment! And your skills will likely improve.

    The ski looks fine. A squish into a lawn is not guaranteed to break a ski. Keep an eye on it. In the future, use it as an excuse to get a new ski.

  • thagerthager Posts: 4,591 Mega Baller
    Curious how you got a shot of the Adam's latest top secret wing design? B)
    Stir vigorously then leave!
  • DangerBoyDangerBoy Posts: 306 Solid Baller
    The guy I ski with ran over a small piece of driftwood while sking and bent one of the wings maybe 20 degrees or so. I can't remember if it was bent upwards or downwards and I don't remember which side it was. Ironically, his skiing seems to have improved with the bent wing so we've just left it in place! We're just open water skiers skiing at 22' off at about 32 mph so without a ball count it's kind of hard to really say for certain if and how much his skiing actually improved. As his driver, I can say with some certaintty that he sure seems to be falling a lot less with the bent wing. At any rate, we're going with it and not changing it!

    If you want to buy inexpensive but good quality wing angle gauges buy these ones off of Ski-it-again. Full set for $5.00 plus a little shipping.

    Terry makes them on a 3-D printer. I have a set and they're good.
    I can take anything apart
  • PeterAKPeterAK Posts: 39 Baller
    Thank you for the feedback everyone!

    I removed the fin and confirmed it is still perfectly straight both by eye and placing it on a granite countertop. I reinstalled it and used a caliper to set it as close as I could to the specs I found in this thread (first to the specs in the first post, and then noticed that they were corrected below...).

    Doing this reminded me of the ninja arts required to align the drive shaft on a direct drive inboard, though a bit less frustrating, thankfully.

    Going to give it a go without the wing and see how it feels. I can't find an online source for a Connolly wing. Any suggestions? I'd like to buy a metal one and the angle gauge @DangerBoy posted to try some adjustments and see what I can learn.
    Milwaukee and Waupaca, WI -- Let me know if you are in the area and want to get together to ski!
  • DavidNDavidN Posts: 287 Crazy Baller
    edited August 13
    Angle gauges can be downloaded (WhisperFin website) and any wing should fit your fin. Doesn’t have to be a Connelly brand wing.
    This one should be fine.
  • JayG80JayG80 Posts: 109 Baller
    @PeterAK I have an old Connelly wing that looks like the type you show in your photo. Much older than 2016 though. I'd be happy to give it to you. It is plastic.
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,148 Mega Baller
    Being a tinkerer at heart, I would give it a try. It may be devine intervention on the perfect setup!
  • C5QuestC5Quest Posts: 293 Baller
    Sounds like the perfect opportunity to “guilt” her into a new ski.
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,148 Mega Baller
    Throw some technical jargon at her, like the polyfoam core and the composite fiber integrity has been compromised and if you want to have children, I better get a new ski....
  • RednucleusRednucleus Posts: 276 Solid Baller
    @PeterAK your poor wife! If it was me I would tell her "no problem, honest mistake" then keep it "in the bank" for next time you screw up and need forgiveness!!
  • HockdogHockdog Posts: 183 Baller
    @Rednucleus, you should know better then that, men are not allowed to have said “bank”.....
  • teammalibuteammalibu Posts: 809 Crazy Baller
    I have several different wings that have really good skis attached to them that I would give you a great deal on!
    Mike Erb Cedar Ridge Canton Miss.
    Horton is my hero
  • teammalibuteammalibu Posts: 809 Crazy Baller
    That wing looks like something Mike Munn would try on purpose!
    Mike Erb Cedar Ridge Canton Miss.
    Horton is my hero
  • PeterAKPeterAK Posts: 39 Baller
    Update, not good... ski looked fine when I looked it over after discovering the damage, removing the with, and checking that the fin was still flat. When I pulled it out of the bag to ski this morning the tip had delaminated. I’m at my cabin where we have poor service, so I’ll post a pic when I get home.

    So, I have a brand new wing I didn’t get around to installing, and I need a new ski. I really like this ski, and the boot and RTP work well for me too. Now I need to buy a new ski, which is a bummer as I’d rather put that money toward a heater and perfect pass. @teammalibu let me know what you have. Anybody else have a line on a good deal on a 67” ski?

    I’m 6’4” 180, open water 32 mph skier.
    Milwaukee and Waupaca, WI -- Let me know if you are in the area and want to get together to ski!
  • BrewskiBrewski Posts: 415 Crazy Baller
    edited August 18
    @PeterAK save a ton of money...get some good longest cure time epoxy you can find and glue and clamp the ski, let it sit a couple of days it will be fine. (I recommend MAS/Endurance Technologies products)
  • PeterAKPeterAK Posts: 39 Baller
    @brewski would you do that for this damage?

    Milwaukee and Waupaca, WI -- Let me know if you are in the area and want to get together to ski!
  • BMG73BMG73 Posts: 24 Baller
    Nice boat!
  • ISP6ballISP6ball Posts: 175 Baller
  • PeterAKPeterAK Posts: 39 Baller
    Thanks @BMG73. I love this thing. Bought it a year ago and have been steadily chipping away at fixing it up and improving it.

    Milwaukee and Waupaca, WI -- Let me know if you are in the area and want to get together to ski!
  • BrewskiBrewski Posts: 415 Crazy Baller
    @PeterAK sure bond it and clamp it up~!
  • KRoundyKRoundy Posts: 318 Crazy Baller
    Ouch. I'm afraid if you tried to glue that back together the flex characteristics would all be different and might not be good. You could try it and see what happens, but I'd be cruising Ski-It-Again for a good deal. 67" is a pretty common size, and you should be able to find a good replacement, if not even the same ski (since you like this one).
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,888 Infinite Pandas
    Regarding the repair, I've never broken a ski while skiing that far forward. It's not that heavily stressed there. You will need lots of clamps - at least. A crude mold might be easier (plywood over cut 2x6s) but it will need lots of clamps or sandbags. That is a possible repair but not an easy one.

    It will be somewhat heavier in the tip - especially if you aren't getting enough pressure to squeeze the resin out. This could affect the balance feel of the ski. If you don't get the rocker right you might change the feel of the ski. Lots of variables to consider.

    I did one modification of a ski similar to your needed fix. I wanted to change the tip rocker profile. So I slit the ski down the thickness of the ski, reset the rocker in my mold, added epoxy and pressed it in my mold. Worked great and I liked the new rocker. But that was a proof of concept experiment. I built a new ski pretty soon after.

    Normally I'd end by saying "the ski is shot, send it to me for proper disposal." Instead, save the shipping and look for a new ski (demo as many replacements as you can). Unless you want an interesting project (definitely worth it then!).

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