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Centurion T-5 Comp

cougfancougfan Posts: 119 Baller
Looking at a 2005 Centurion T-5 comp. Anyone have any experience with this boat? What kind of wake can I expect at 30-34 mph 15-22 off? Thanks for any info.


  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 673 Crazy Baller
    I haven't ever skied one but I understand that it was the evolution of a modified Falcon/Eclipse Hull. And those ski really well with small wakes and very little spray. Best bet is to test drive and ski the boat if at all possible.
  • HMan66HMan66 Posts: 38 Baller
    edited September 2019
    I believe the T5 was a re-badged Sport Bowrider (which used to be the Falcon). I had a 2003 Elite Bowrider which has a beam of 100". I skied it at 34 mph and it was pretty good for a bigger boat (21'-6"). I think you'll be dealing with the rooster tail around 22'-28' off. For an all around family ski/wakeboard boat it does a good job especially at the Centurion price point.
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