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Controversial topics in this forum.

HortonHorton Posts: 27,752 Administrator
To all that are commenting about if I should or should not be allowing the SafeSport / Nate Smith subjects in the forum.

If you like it or not the fact that a St Louis talk show host obtained and released SafeSport documentation about Nate Smith is news. Furthermore, the fact that the biggest company in the sport cut ties with the biggest skier in the sport is news.

As the site admin I can not win. If I lock down the threads I am accused of censorship and if I let it ride I am accused of hosting inappropriate content. What I can do is to try to reset the tone of the conversation. Going forward any posts that are even a little off topic or that remind me of a drunk looking for a fight will be deleted. I will not hesitate to limit the account of the offenders.

Please stop emailing, messaging, texting and calling me about what a great or terrible job I am doing. I have tried to be polite to those of you who have contacted me but it is my job to run the site and not my job to endlessly debate how I do my job.

If you guys wish the conversation was more about skiing then PLEASE contribute to the threads about skiing. With some luck this will die down soon enough and we can get back to that this forum should be about.

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