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Can it ever be the Ski ?

Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 432 Baller
edited September 2019 in Skis Fins Bindings
I have an HO Triumph (2014). 6' tall, 225 lbs, 69" ski. Love the ski but have struggled off and on all year with deep water starts - took me 1/2 the summer to realize that the ski comes up just fine with a soft pull.

Have major struggles with going over the front and popping the handle if I get an aggressive pull. I didn't have this issue with my last ski so it makes me wonder could it be the ski ? About every other week i want to toss the ski and try something else :p


  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,586 Mega Baller
    Is there a reason you haven't tried some other skis already?
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 432 Baller
    @Than_Bogan - well the main reason I haven't is because this ski turns so well for me on both sides and i get very little bounce from the wake.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 28,761 Administrator
    edited September 2019
    very very likely not the ski
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  • aspskiaspski Posts: 208 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Have the same ski in the same length. I find it very easy to get up on VS a more serious 'tournament' ski. Bought the ski with my dad so we could both get up on it behind anything.
    Have skied behind underpowered boats and also seadoos and it works nice for getting up.
    It may be the ski but I would say it's most likely the technique
  • BobFBobF Posts: 161 Baller
    @dbojan You beat me to it! haha
  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,006 Crazy Baller
    Definitely the ski.... maybe also the water, temp, the prop, driver, handle.... 😊😊
  • HMan66HMan66 Posts: 38 Baller
    I'm 6-2 and 215. Been skiing on an older KD Evolution which was a bit wider in the tip and tail than the 7000 I had been on before that. I tell anyone that's driving to hit it hard. Nail it. Never had any issues. I'll be trying my new-to-me 2018 Radar Senate this weekend so we'll see....
  • allycatallycat Posts: 196 Baller
    try another ski and see how it goes i had few problems when i had one similar weight and size am on a senate now
  • iceboatingiceboating Posts: 31 Baller
    Ski_Dad, it is definitely the ski! It’s a great ski but requires a very smooth pull up. Ask your driver to go smoothly to 1/3 or half throttle and leave it there until your up and skiing. Also pay attention to what your wearing when you have a good day vs a bad day. Board shorts with stretch material in the legs makes a big difference in helping in the pull up. If your wearing a wetsuit and notice it’s harder to get up try wearing board shorts over the top. It’s not the best look but it can make a big difference. Hope this helps.
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 432 Baller
    I'm sure it's me - this ski is plenty big enough and I never expected it to be an issue. In a soft pull i can feel the ski transition to plane and I get up 95% of the time. But a fast pull i just never feel the ski plane - it will plow and I loose the handle and it can take me 3 tries if I get a hard pull.

    What do I do when I get a hard pull to keep from to far going forward before the ski planes ? Honestly I like it hot and don't really like being dragged for 5 seconds but have been putting up with it this summer b/c it consistently gets me out of the water.
  • Kwoody51Kwoody51 Posts: 58 Baller
    May sound simple but I have to ‘remind’ myself to pull my back foot to my butt/ not push at all with back leg until ski is out of the water.

    Doing this has made my deep water starts much easier.

    I had a tendency to push evenly with both feet too soon which would cause my body to want to pivot over the front.
  • ToddFToddF Posts: 569 Solid Baller
    Getting up on the water is skier error almost always, but I did get a ski last year that I could not ski well on no matter what.
    Four or five sets and not one 28 off pass. Not even close
    Every ski I have had in the last 10 years I could run at least 32 off on semi regular basis except that one.
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,228 Mega Baller
    Bigger skis need a slower initial pull by the boat with steady increased power.

    Think about all the resistance you have in between you and the boat.

    Keep the ski more at a 45 degree angle if you can and then tense up as the gas is applied. I also lean slightly to my right and have more right arm tension. RFF. I need to avoid the dreaded death roll left.
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 432 Baller
    edited September 2019
    @A_B - do you think something smaller like a senate would help me get out of the water better ?
  • ski6jonesski6jones Posts: 1,053 Mega Baller
    edited September 2019
    I ski with a big guy that drags a foot getting up. As driver have figured out a steady roll into the throttle works best for him. I've been using this now for everyone I pull and it works well. Even for skiers that like the hammer, just roll into it a bit faster. Despite the joking it really could be the drivers pull up isn't helping things.
    Carl Addington, Lakes of Katy, Texas
  • MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 358 Solid Baller
    Seems unanimous. No- it’s not the ski
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,228 Mega Baller
    Theoretically the Triumph should provide more lift than the Senate. I have both and sometimes ski Triumph early season when my strength is not there.
  • CentCent Posts: 177 Baller
    Triumph could also provide more resistance drag when the pull is hard so you can’t hang on and lose your hip while the smaller ski might have less and you could hang on. These things can be rather individual.
  • LoopSkiLoopSki Posts: 632 Crazy Baller
    I am certain its the boat. You need a brand new Mastercraft! If for some reason it doesn't help, well you still have a a new boat.
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 432 Baller
    i have a 67" CX my boys use - it's a 1/2" skinnier. Maybe I will try that tomorrow - i know it's too small for me but maybe I will get an idea of what is going on
  • HallpassHallpass Posts: 157 Solid Baller
    I have also found the big fat skis do better with a very easy pullup. FWIW
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,447 Mega Baller
    I’ve ridden a ski with way too much fin length and depth, it was nicknamed “the ejector”. Once I got decent fin numbers it turned out to be an incredible ski.
  • pregompregom Posts: 186 Baller
    As others have said, the Triumph could create more drag. It doesn't hurt to try a different ski if you have the opportunity to do so. Technique is a very important factor, though. Hug your knees as hard as you can and push with the toes of your front foot. Stay there until you plane. On the other hand, a ski that is too small creates other problems. I normally ski on a 67" radar and once last year I had to use a 65" radar. I had a horrible time getting up.
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,989 Mega Baller
    I have to agree that I think it is you. If the ski is plowing then it is too vertical when you are getting up. At 215lbs that ski should get you out of the water with no problem. Try to make sure that when you are in the water your back foot is tucked up under your butt. If you were on a 67” competition ski I would say it might be the ski but that Triumph should get you up no problem.
    Mark Shaffer
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