Trick Ski - Edging for Heelside Flip

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I've had a few heelside flips this season where I felt I was doing something that led to good results but that I've never heard described before. I'm wondering if what I'm doing is actually part of the standard advice and I've simply misunderstood it all this time or if it's something that people don't usually advise. If the latter is the case I'm wondering why people don't talk about this.

Here's what I'm feeling; I've had some good results lately by starting the cut standing relatively stacked and relatively upright, so that from the ankles up it doesn't seem like I'm really doing much. However, I put the ski onto its edge using my ankles (and maybe my knees a bit). This means the ski is rolled over on edge but I'm standing on top of it almost like it's flat. When I've been able to do this I feel pretty balanced and the edge seems to engage pretty well. The edge engagement has led to good release off the wake and the feeling of being relatively upright seems to put my body in better position.

So is this just nonsense or does this resonate with how the flip is supposed to be done? If it is correct, why do you think it typically is not coached?


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    Nice! That's a good description. Getting squared up at the wake is critical. Techniques to get you there are valid. I'm not sure that's the same focus I used - but I will certainly try that! Thanks.
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