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on side problem

FOB69FOB69 Posts: 17
edited November 2019 in Technique & Theory

I had a radar union and uprade this summer to a MC 2014. I mostly do open water.
I did lay down great on side turns with the radar but with the weight most on the rear leg. Off side turns were corrects.
The MC seams to performs with the weight on the front and my off side turns are smooth and long (much better than with the union) but i have a problem with on side. The ski engages and turns at once when i push on the edge and i cannot lay down the turn. If i under turn to take more angle like i did with the radar, the ski edge plunge and i fall.
It seams the issue is fixed if i add angle to the fin wings (that is in stock setting); but it's too painful for my old arms.
I did test several positions on front binding that is now just 3mm back to default position. More at the rear i sit back at once crossing the wake.
What can be wrong with my turn or setting (sorry i have no video). should i move the fin backward to get more drag ?
Thank you for your advices.


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