World Champion Joel Howley takes Caitlyn Jenner for a boat ride

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    Love this!! Get her back in the sport!
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    Lots of stories in the Eastern Region about how good of a skier Bruce Jenner was back in the day.
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    I believe it! Bring her back and I will try to lobby all the women to agree to take no issue with her competing against us :)
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    @PUoldmaid I assume as long as she competes a 34mph and doesn't drop back to 32 now that she's at least in W5! :)
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    Old thread mention he was eastern region overall champion.

    I imagine the footage is related to this popular UK show she is part of now in Australia
    Eric Francois - Studio City, CA - Denali C-85 - Reflex
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    @klindy of course if she wants the street cred. I'll lobby that too.
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    And in one instagram post more social media than sport gets in a year.
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    @PUoldmaid please tell us you are joking. You don't really want a dude in women's waterskiing do you?
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    @Bill22 I just donated $100 to a Polk City Venue via a crowd fundraiser. You have to ask yourself this - What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
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    Geeeesh and I thought it was one of his/her prettier daughters, that's 4 minutes ill never get back!
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    On the plus side and do to social media, Joel has probably done more for exposing the sport of traditional waterskiing to the general public since Hot Summer Nights. That's good ..and sad at the same time when u think about it. .
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    Time and money and Joel's celebrity was spent on THAT???
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    Aw thanks @RazorRoss3. Couldn’t have done it (Learned waterski) without my grandfather who was a MTF surgeon in Wisconsin in the 80’s. Sensitivity training 101
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    @RazorRoss3 @PUoldmaid In a world when society is screaming everything must be equal and fair. What would be fair about a man competing in a woman’s sport?

    Now someone is going to say this is hateful. It’s not about hate at all. If a man wants to wear a dress and have some kind of surgery, then so be it, it’s his choice. If he wants to enjoy this sport, fine and dandy. Just don’t try to compete with the women.
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    To be honest - I’d welcome the competition. I’ll even opt up to 36 if you want to keep this fair.
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    I’m sure there are lots of other celebs that ski - let’s talk about and encourage them
    @Horton, this would be a good thread to close down
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    @Horton let’s grow out of the 90’s...
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    Believe it or not, other collegiate and beyond sports allow trans athletes to compete so long as they are undergoing hormone therapy at a level that isn’t deemed to level the playing field. Our sport isn’t exactly in a place where it’s smart to turn people away at the door.
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    The Kardashians in our sport? They can buy Polk City outright. At least flirt some ideas around here. My W3 checkbook for this isn’t that thick.
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    @RazorRoss3 growing the sport is out of our control. But a man has got to stand for something or he’ll fall for anything.
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    And you’re saying because some colleges make a policy then that makes it right?
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    @Bill22 you are clearly missing the point. Inviting the idea and the attention to the idea IS growing the sport. Let the Reginas decide. Doubt Bruce can get to her level.
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    I’m saying other sports are accepting of people who don’t look like them, ours could be too
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