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Public lake, slalom course permit language

dislanddisland Posts: 1,381 Mega Baller
I am on the board of directors for the North Texas Municipal Water District. We are building the first new reservoir in Texas in the last 30 years, It will be called Bois d'Arc lake and is located in Fannin County about 75 miles north east of Dallas. The lake should open in 2021. The board is in the process of drafting the lake shore use policy. The good news is shoreline docks will be allowed, and extensive parts of the lake will allow boat use. The area is somewhat rural and the lake design should create areas where good skiing will be possible.

I have introduced to the BoD that we should allow for permitted slalom courses. I want to get this into the rules right out of the gate so if and when someone wants to put a course in, the rules will already allow it.

If anyone has a copy of some existing permit rules that they have found to work well please post or send to me by PM.

Thanks Dave Island
Dave Island- Princeton Lakes


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