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New Edged In Water movie

jpattigrjpattigr Posts: 249 Crazy Baller
edited November 2019 in Videos, Photos & Media
@Luzz and @MarcusBrown Just listened to your podcast together and thanks for sharing so much Passion! You guys made driving for 1 1/2 hours easy.
I was thinking you two need to work together and make a up to date version of the original movie "Edged in Water". We all still watch that movie at least once a year to get the hype on, many many non skiers have sat through it with us and then took an interest in our sport after. I feel showing off all the great athletes we have, and showing off all the disciplines of 3 event skiing can do more tp promote the sport.
Release it on Youtube, free download etc, Lets get HO, Mastercraft etc behind it!
@MarcusBrown you designed an amazing boat, some great skis and are getting amazing with a camera...@Luzz, you are very engaging and should be the voice of the movie, do the interviews, describe the action! Tell the jokes!


  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,628 Mega Baller
    This thread should have started on April Fools day. I got all excited. Thought it was an announcement, not a suggestion :'(
  • jhughesjhughes Posts: 1,101 Mega Baller
    You know there is an Edged in Water 2, right?
  • HortonHorton Posts: 30,601 Administrator
    @jhughes pretty sure they made and released edged in water 2. I have a copy somewhere but I don't really know where you my DVDs are since I don't have a DVD player anymore

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  • schaferschafer Posts: 320 Solid Baller
    @jhughes edged in water 2 stays in my truck stereo 365 days a year. For when I need it. And it’s my only way to play a dvd.
    Quest for the Purple Loop
  • LuzzLuzz Posts: 576 Open or Level 9 Skier

    In my mind, this song equals full throttle, big spray, onside cranking slalom skiing.

    Host of The Water Ski Podcast & Water Ski Bits
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    ZmanMartin1980Vernon Reeve
  • jpattigrjpattigr Posts: 249 Crazy Baller
    @jhughes Yes, I have both but enjoyed the original much more! Even the second one is old now.
    @Luzz Hope Jamie is still cranking turns to this song somewhere!
  • jhughesjhughes Posts: 1,101 Mega Baller
    I've been watching these again this weekend, still some great stuff. I'm toying with the idea of packing them up and creating a list of BOS folks who want to see them. I send them to the first person, they send them to the second, and so on to get us through the winter.
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,710 Mega Baller
    Edged in Water 1, CP, Lightning when I need. That song doubled up great for competing/training in bench press...or anything else you need to get fired up for...
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • mfjaegersrmfjaegersr Posts: 234 Crazy Baller
    @6balls ’Lightning’ is by Five Horse Johnson (heh heh) and available on iTunes. ‘Saturday’, by Assisted Living, is the best EiW1 tune IMHO.

    I asked The Swerve Master about the prospect of making an EiW3, when he was staying here this summer...didn’t sound promising.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 30,601 Administrator
    @mfjaegersr I'm sure the issue is cost and return on investment. I don't think anybody made much money making waterski movies

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  • RobRob Posts: 66 Baller
    Yeah @Horton beat me to it. I read this thread with great interest - I would also love a new Edged in Water or similar video. Like @jhughes, I bought all of those videos and can add a number of others to the list. I made a point to buy each of them in part to help and encourage those who invested the time and money to make them.

    I suspect these videos are a labour of love; the people who make them most likely do not break even, let alone have any profit to show for their hard work. The costs here are vast, as is the skill set required to create the finished product. Even for a relatively small production, costs include music licensing, cameras, tripods, drones, lenses, microphones, lights, editing software and more. Skills include camera operation, sound engineering, scene framing, editing, drone operation (flight and filming), lighting and more.

    The people who have the time, money, gear, skill set and the will to create films like those mentioned all in a single individual are relatively rare. (They do exist however - PJ McMillan comes to mind.) Rather than entire films, short edits of skiers put to music with digital distribution only is probably more realistic, and we see this from time to time such as the amazing HO ad with Winter in it made by Marcus Brown. While still a large undertaking, something like that would be far easier to create in every sense. I guess I'm as hopeful as everyone else for another full length film similar to those mentioned, but I'm not holding my breath for it.
  • jcampjcamp Posts: 938 Mega Baller
    @jpattigr maybe find out the minimum budget needed for something like this and start a kickstarter campaign? I'd put in some money.
  • Bill22Bill22 Posts: 1,763 Mega Baller
    edited December 2019
    @jhughes put my name on that mailing list. I haven’t seen some of the ones you have. I’d be happy to pay shipping both ways.
  • mfjaegersrmfjaegersr Posts: 234 Crazy Baller
    @horton Understood and completely agreed...there are still plenty of unsold copies of EW2.
  • liquid dliquid d Posts: 1,333 Mega Baller
    Contact Todd R and write the check! He'll make you a nice movie! Does all sorts of video content/website stuff now....
  • jhughesjhughes Posts: 1,101 Mega Baller
    With the content out there now (Flowpoint, podcasts, WS Nation, etc.) there's really no need for another DVD movie. The best content we've ever had in this sport is happening right now IMO.
    MattPschaferKeith Menardcougfan
  • Keith MenardKeith Menard Posts: 697 Crazy Baller
    Thought I was on pornhub for a minute...
  • epnaultepnault Posts: 353 Crazy Baller
    Anyone know where to find Edged in Water 2? The first volume is on YouTube and Amazon
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