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Perfect pass GPS Puck update

EFWEFW Posts: 150 Baller
edited December 2019 in Boat Talk
PP called me yesterday to tell me they updated my GPS Puck. The update process is more involved than I thought. Which is even more amazing seeing they do it for free. They have to cut back the wire that goes to the control module and add a serial port. Then they power the puck with 5 Watts and then update it. I saw when updating my ZBOX that there was a compass feature when scrolling through the menu. Similar to driving in your car and you'll see your direction heading. I asked them about it and they said they were actually looking for a good use for that feature. They thought of using it to navigate the boat but they're somewhat concerned about liability and whatnot if it's run into shallow water and hit a underwater obstruction. If I remember I believe it had to be set to off (perfect pass)and somewhere in the menu you'll find it. But they're trying to find a good use for it. To ship it there and back the cost was $15. The updates for free. He said that it will stop the signal from being corrupted and will allow the GPS to communicate with more satellites. I'm pretty sure that's what he told me.


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