1950 - Skiing On Water

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Holiday gift from my daughter.
1950 publish date. Lots of good stuff.

“The technique of the turn on a single slalom ski is quite different. As you approach the turn, straighten both knees and transfer your weight so that about half of it is on the foot in the rear binding. Then, when you want to turn abruptly, lean to the side and even further backward. Your rear foot can be used to bank the ski more or less, as required.”



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    When I started slalom skiing in the early 1970's I used a double bridle as pictured on page 70. I was just skiing in the river and not in a course and I could hit a turn and throw a good spray. When introduced to a slalom course I still used the double bridle, but my cousin and her husband Ron Anderson, convinced me to go to a single handle. That was probable late 1970's. I bought an Pro Line orange and yellow slalom rope and handle.

    I think I might have some old Kodak pictures somewhere with the double bridle. Cutoff jean shorts and a vinyl coated foam jacket. Those were the days! Could ski forever.
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