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Slalom driving simulation

lazznlazzn Posts: 51 Baller
Ok maybe this is a bad idea but being a skier from a northern state I tend to get thinking during winter. If the really advanced steering controllers used in high end driving simulations can be programmed to give steering wheel feedback, what stops us from making a slalom driving simulator. There’s obviously no replacement for the real thing, but it’s an interesting thought experiment to explore.
Programming the steering feel of different boats steering feel shouldn’t be too hard and you could even maybe add something for rudder adjustments too.
There’s one snag that I see and that’s how to have a computer simulate how the skier will respond if you are driving in sync with them or driving a poor path.

If winter is only half over and my ideas are already getting this wack well, winter needs to get over sooner.
Wisconsin Waterski Team


  • ScottScottScottScott Posts: 1,174 Mega Baller
    Or you should move south....
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,316 Mega Baller
    My Escalade has lane correction and it ping pongs back and forth at the boundaries of you let it steer itself. I’m sure there are these self-driven Tesla’s out there that do better as long as they aren’t running over a skier in the water.

    Good drivers anticipate the pull. If you wait until you feel it I think it is too late. Just my opinion.

    Being a good driver is something to work at just like skiing.

    I grew up without speed control or timing systems and boats that needed a fair amount of guidance by the driver.

    Most skiing was done without an observer so that meant hot sticking with a stop watch in your throttle hand and keeping the boat straight.

    Don’t take all the fun out of it!!
  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 880 Mega Baller
    Sort of related. I came across the ESPN coverage of the Pro Tour stop in Augusta Ga. The Yamaha International Classic. If you watch the men's slalom you get some end of course shots (admittedly it's not dead on center) but it sure looks like tournament driving has come a long way!

  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,316 Mega Baller
    @RAWSki Driving those old tug boats and pulling those guys would have been a handful for any top driver back then when it was "stop and go" versus "carry speed through the turn", there was no hiding from the boat driver!

    I remember pulling Warren Witherall into 39 quite a few times back in NY and he was a load to drive for. He was also very picky about his boat path and would tell you if you were a few inches off when he was at the buoy. I took it as constructive criticism and upped my game. But when I drove for him I paid close attention to where I was in the course at all times. A good learning experience!
  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 880 Mega Baller
    No Doubt. I used to have to pull a neighbor in a similar boat and I felt like he was steering me from the handle!
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