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Coach’s Eye

CnewbertCnewbert Posts: 254 Solid Baller
edited January 29 in Videos, Photos & Media
Terry Winter uses the Coach’s Eye app on his excellent training site the create split screen video analyses of a skier’s technique as compared with himself or another professional skier. It’s a great app and I was using it myself, importing video that my ski buddies and I would take of ourselves and post on YouTube, then studying the results. As well, I might import other slalom ski video of pro skiers for the same purpose. Now all of a sudden I can’t import any video at all from YouTube, even video that we ourselves have uploaded. The Coach’s Eye tech person said this is a YouTube issue. So, my question is, does anyone on BOS also use Coach’s Eye and are you encountering the same problem? I have YouTube Premium and if I could even just figure out a way to download a YouTube video into my iPad Photos, that would also solve the problem. But I can’t seem to do that either. I hate to lose such a great training/learning tool!


  • ToddFToddF Posts: 589 Solid Baller
    coaches eye has its own video website that you can upload, import videos, share, etc.
    I have never tried pulling videos from youtube to coaches eye, if you figure that out let me know.

    here is an example from coaches eye, also a shameless plug of my son's narrow miss at 16'4" washington state meet record last spring

  • CnewbertCnewbert Posts: 254 Solid Baller
    @ToddF I have just figured out how to do this. Well, I didn’t figure it out, but rather found a source that explained how. It’s a bit convoluted because apparently YouTube / Google have made it so you have to view YouTube videos on their platform only. Thus you can download YouTube videos, but they stay within the YouTube app and not accessible from other apps. However there is a way around it, but it requires a 3rd party app called Documents by Readdle. The procedure isn’t especially hard once you do it a couple of times.

    1. Open Documents
    2. Tap the blue compass icon in the lower right
    3. Type in the search bar
    4. Paste the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download in the red search field (which you get by the Copy Link function on YouTube)
    5. You’ll then get some download options for resolution. 720 is fine. Tap the green download for 720.
    6. Tap the purple Done button when Save File page appears.
    7. Tap down arrow at bottom of page
    8. You next get a page showing your downloads.
    9. Tap the eyeball looking icon for the video you want to save to your IOS Photos for your iPhone or iPad
    10. Tap the ... underneath the video
    11. Tap copy option
    12. Select the Photos option for your iPad/iPhone Photos and tap the purple Copy button on top right.

    Violà!! Your video is now in your IPad Photos and can be imported into Coach’s Eye.

    Okay, I did say it was convoluted, but it works, it’s fast, and I haven’t found another way.
  • floridagmfloridagm Posts: 33 Baller
    Slade Cole introduced me to Hudl to highlight my technical shortcomings. He is a master at using it! Side by side comparisons, adding a timer to illustrate just how behind I am, and frame by frame advance so that he can mention where I need to improve using the visually painful 30 frames every second.

    The basic version is free and he can share my videos with me or upload them for worldwide ridicule.
  • CnewbertCnewbert Posts: 254 Solid Baller
    @floridagm Hudl and Coach's Eye appear to have identical capabilities, assuming Hudl offers telestration like Coach's Eye does. However, the issue I posted about would presumably affect Hudl as well. That is, YouTube/Google have recently blocked the ability to directly import YouTube videos into a non Google app. Now the only download capability of YouTube is within the YouTube app itself so it can be viewed offline. The way around this I described above allows one to import a YouTube video into iPhone or iPhone "Photos", and from there it can be imported directly into Coach's Eye. That all having been said, if you know for sure that Hudl somehow can still import YouTube videos directly, please let me know and I'll check it out. Thanks.
  • BobFBobF Posts: 178 Solid Baller
    edited January 29
    WinX Youtube Downloader works well to solve the download issue.
  • CnewbertCnewbert Posts: 254 Solid Baller
    @BobF I went to try it and it appears to be for Windows. Is that correct?
  • BobFBobF Posts: 178 Solid Baller
    @Cnewbert yep, missed the part about direct to iPad.
    Looks like there are some alternative ways to get it onto iOS. Didn't dig far but came across a way to do it in a browser, using this site . Should work on iPad, since most of the download options seem to be formats that are compatible. Hope this helps.
  • CnewbertCnewbert Posts: 254 Solid Baller
    @BobF while YouTubeMonkey works on my iPad (in a way) it doesn’t accomplish the goal of downloading into IOS Photos where it can be accessed by Coach’s Eye. I’m not actually sure where they’re stored. It does download the videos somewhere where I can play them outside of YouTube, but it gives me no option of where to download them or where they went.
  • BobFBobF Posts: 178 Solid Baller
    @Cnewbert Now I know why I'm not an Apple person. :)

    What browser are you using to save? Seems like the iPad likes to download "to an app". I found a couple of articles that describe it.

    Anudder one
    Uno mas
  • CnewbertCnewbert Posts: 254 Solid Baller
    @BobF I use Safari on my iPad. YouTubeMonkey downloads onto Safari for viewing just fine. But I can find no options for saving the video, much less selecting where I want it saved. The procedure I described above does work very efficiently, though it requires a few more keystrokes to get it done. But it does allows one to save the video into IOS Photos where it can then be readily imported into Coach’s Eye. So I do have a good working solution to my original question. Thanks for your input!
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