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New Podcast Episode: Natallia Berdnikava - Learning to manage nerves on the dock & giving it 100%

lcarneslcarnes Posts: 122 Solid Baller
edited February 2020 in Videos, Photos & Media
Hi everybody! I host a podcast called Creative Spirits Unleashed. Today, I posted an episode with Natallia Berdnikava - who was the first woman to jump over 190 feet. She also has set records in trick as well. She won Masters while still in college and has been on the podium all over the world. As a water skier myself, I was interested in learning how she trains, deals with nerves on the dock, and manages her recovery. We go deep in this conversation. I certainly came away with some useful insights for both my skiing and my life and I hope you do too. The links are above, and you can easily listen as you drive via the podcast app of your choice.


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