Filling Nautique Gas Tanks

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Ballers, unless I am doing something wrong, it is my contention that the CC engineers responsible for Nautique gas tanks should be summarily dismissed, if not outright shot at the next dawn. At our lake we have a 2005, 2010, 2011, 2013, and now a 2017. Every one of them will spit back at you within 2 seconds of trying to fill them, getting gas everywhere, including on the operator. So one feathers the delivery for 5 minutes until their hand is sore, and there is still every possibility of an eruption. What in the world? What can be done? Someone save us! Or do we have to live with it?


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    Have not experienced that with three I have skied behind. Pic is worth a thousand words. How about a video to help us help you.
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    Do you have any pics of how the filler hose goes into the tank? Sounds like you should be siphoning the gas into the tank.
    If you can get a 1” inside diameter hose to fit in the filler neck and the other end in the gas can, make a seal with tape and some foam, at the gas can about 12” from the end. Just enough so the hose reaches the bottom of the can. Then shove the other end into the boat gas tank, you should be able to push 18”-24” of hose in the boat. Then push the taped foam tight to the gas can and squeeze the gas can. This will push the gas out of the can directly into the gas tank with no chance of getting backed up.
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  • MNshortlinerMNshortliner Posts: 273 Solid Baller
    I taped the foam right where his hand makes the seal. Then push on the can and once gas starts to flow break the seal. Stand back and tilt the can at the end to get everything but 1/2 cup of gas.
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    @MNshortliner What type foam and are you taping it permatally to the hose so you can move from tank to tank?
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    Both my TSC1 and TSC3 do it at the gas station. I turn the filler nozzle upside down and only go on the first click and I can fill it without splash back. You also have to pay attention to when to stop, if you rely on the pump to auto-shutoff you will end up with a large mess as well.

    I believe it comes from the way the hose is routed into the tank, it isn't a clean shot into the tank.
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    I have 2 jugs that are the same but you could use a rag or anything you can come up with so it slides, to be able to use different size cans. I just used some closed cell foam 1/2” thick and electrical tape. Anything that will seal the can temporarily
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    @lhoover I fill my 2015 200 at the gas station. It works best for me to insert the nozzle as deep as possible into the fill opening and use only the first click (slowest fill rate) on the nozzle. It shuts off automatically and does not splash back or erupt. Failing that, an option for you might be simply to stuff a rag or paper towels around the nozzle to control the eruption as much as possible. Does this happen to you at every gas station or could it be something at one particular station? I know how irritating and messy it is for you. If it happens to you a few seconds after the nozzle flow stops, that I don't understand or know what to suggest. I guess it could be a restriction in the fill pipe/hose down near the tank.
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    Can’t speak for siphoning or dock fueling with any other non-electric pumps...but with traditional fuel pumps, I’ve had no problem on the three nautiques that I’ve had. I do think you have to get the right combination of using the right nozzle detent, nozzle depth and nozzle angle in the filler receptacle to get gas flowing well. I don’t think my current ProStar or any of the older ones were any different however.
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    Overtons, Home Depot etc have siphon hoses, put the ends in the can and boat shake and presto gas flows
    Wonder pump and quick shake pumps, I believe they’re called.
    Not for the gas station though
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    Get a Jiggler hose at harbor freight....

    or order it online for less than $20
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    We have a setup as one would find at any filling station: hose and pump handle coming from our 500 gallon tank. Trust me, we have tried every combo with the handle from barely in to full insertion, different angles, the works. Perhaps the side vents or the overflow is restricting flow? I know the two MCs we have take on fuel, no splash, no kickback, no feathering needed, full on pressure, no problem. It is a CC problem and just ridiculous unless we are missing something with the vents. Help!
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    If I try to fill at the gas station I have to go super slow or I get splash back. No trouble from a can pouring in, or a siphon.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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    @ihoover If this is your pump can you restrict the flow from the pump so you can still do it full flow and no hand cramp. It does sound like a air trap of some sort that would cause the gas to come back.
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    Have a 2004 196, use a siphon tube and have never had an issue. I do put the tube in the fill line as far as it will go, but have never had an issue. Now my Benninton pontoon is another issue.....fill too fast and splash back.
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    On the 200 - Remove the rear seat backrest (it pulls right up) and check if the breather hose is kinked or blocked. (It’s the hose on top of the tank on the Right side in the picture).
    Then there’s a inline back flow preventing valve in the filler hose. (The one covered with the aluminum housing in the picture.) That one might cause your problems. I would think that one could simply remove that valve and just replace it with a straight brass hose connector?

  • Greg BanishGreg Banish Posts: 123 Baller
    On my 2003 (TSC2) 196, I find that also opening the opposite filler cap enough to create a vent allows me to run any gas pump handle at full boogie into the tank.
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    I know know where the fuel filter goes in my 200. Thanks, @DavidN !
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    You might want to check the breather as noted since the breather is also the vent system. They are looped so if the tank goes upside down the fuel won't all leak out. There is the potential that when the tank was full some sloshed in to the vent hose and thus 'plugged' it as now there is some at the bottom of the loop basically clogging the vent hose. Hope this helps. The vent might also be a bit on the small side. You might try to see if you can push any fuel back in to the tank to clear the vent hose if that is an issue.
  • Vernon ReeveVernon Reeve Posts: 83 Baller
    I've had this happen in my previous Malibu Response, and also in my car. In both cases it had to do with the filter in the vent hose getting clogged.
  • JohnOJohnO Posts: 1 New Baller
    I fill up my 200 on the trailer and on a slope. If the trailer is pointed downhill, I have this issue. If it's pointed uphill, then I have no issues. Not sure why, just my experience.
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    Just about every boat I've ever filled up needed to have the pump handle turned 180 degrees to get the nozzle to best match the angle of the fill tube to allow any decent flow into the tank. Even then, you might not be able to run full blast on fast pumps. I check the gauge before I start and shut down a gallon or two before full, otherwise, my boat will tend to puke it out of the vent since it's lower than my fill.

    But as said above if your vent is plugged, that will also cause it. Some vent lines have a little check ball in them that also can get hung up and need a new fitting.
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    on my 99 Sport Nautique (filling from pump) I use a large funnel (cut so the small end is only slightly smaller than the filler opening) and I aim the nozzle so that it "swirls" the gas into the funnel. It seems to flow better this way....but I do also have to use a certain pump at the station as it seems that some pumps either run full blast or off- the pump that I like seems to run at 50% when I am light on the lever. Sometimes I even pull the right trailer tire up onto a block of wood to help the fuel flow downhill into the tank.
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