Basta Boatlifts Unveils Three New Products

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SEATTLE—Jan. 24, 2020 – Basta Boatlifts will unveil three new products at the 2020 Seattle Boat Show. New products include:

  • 5,000 lb. Capacity Galvanized Steel Boat Lift
  • The Quick Clamp Wheel Kit
  • Exclusive Basta Rubber Bunks.

5k51 5000 lb Capacity Boat

5,000 lb. Capacity Galvanized Steel Boat Lift

The versatile 5k Series has two sizes. The shorter version is designed for shallow water locations like man-made waterski lakes and natural prairie lakes. The taller version is a robust choice for rough water conditions and deeper water installations. Optional longer legs and deep water sway & brace kits allow for installations up to 19 ½ feet of water depth.  

 Basta Quick Clamp Wheel Kit

The patent pending Basta Quick Clamp Wheel Kit makes installation, removal and repositioning of boat lifts easier than ever before.  The kit attaches to the boat lift with a screw activated clamp, making it possible to attach it without putting your face in the water.

The kit is attached on each side of the boat lift, using a standard ½” drive ratchet or a battery powered drill. It has a dual-sided handle making it easy to maneuver into place.  The adjustable column provides up to a total of 26” lift making it easier to reach deeper water locations. Unlike other wheel kits, it is an easy on/off and fits many different brand boat lifts giving the operator the ability to perform more installations/removals in a day. The kit has a 1,200 lb. capacity.

Exclusive Basta Rubber Bunks

Designed and engineered by Basta Boatlifts, the EPDM patent pending Basta Rubber Bunks feature a taller profile than the competition with greater cushioning properties, accommodating unique hull designs and strake patterns.

“I am excited about these new additions to our product line. We have listened to the needs of our customers and I think they are going to love them! The 5k Series is super rugged and incredibly versatile. It’s great for shallow water lakes and sturdy enough for rough and deep water. For those whose Spring and Fall fun include moving their boat lift,  the Quick Clamp Wheel Kit is quicker and easier than any boat lift wheel kit on the market. People, and hulls, are going to love our supportive new rubber bunks, you’ve just got to see them.” remarked Basta Boatlifts’ owner Bryce Hansen.

About Basta Boatlifts

Basta Boatlifts is the leader in hand-crafted luxury hydraulic boat lifts, seaplane lifts and PWC lifts. Basta patented the Over-Center gravity locking design in 1992 that changed the boat lift industry. Basta Boatlifts is a privately held company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA. For more information go to


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