Clarity / Help on Boat "DRAFT"

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Would love some input please. Have a 99 Malibu Sportster that has been just a dream to own for the past 21 years. Breaks my heart to even think that I am considering looking for new boat. My challenge is our course is in an phenomenal location but requires a very very narrow "walk thru" entry of rock outcropping protecting our paradise.
The sportster specs of 1999 say that draft is 14" on the sportster series. Our entry has some challenges but always very doable getting into the bay with only one or two weekends every couple years being an issue. Ski pal has a 95 response that is reported as 16" draft for response series. That said, another friend has a 2005 ski nautique that is reported to be 22" draft.
No question that mine is the shallowest of the three and likely 2" better than the response.....but not 8" shallower than the nautique. All three of us have little issues when careful. However with all the new boats at 22" it appears ... should I be concerned? Is it possible that draft measurements prior to 2000 were different?? I get that the sportster is a smaller boat, but is what is good for a 95 response or a 05 nautique should have same draft issues as a 2018-2020 prostar or TXI? or Nautique 200 ?? I don't see an 8" difference between what I have now(or pals 95 response) , and a new boat considering the 2005 SN works just fine?
I believe draft is measured from average waterline to bottom of prop? referring to the amount of water needed to clear the bottom?


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    so having swum under our ski boats a number of time when anchored in shallow very clear water - you would assume the bottom of the prop but the draft of the deepest part of the hull under the bow of the boat can be pretty deep on ski boats.

    When sitting idle in the water most ski boats sit pretty nose down, and have a large area of depth that is near/in front of the skegs. For reference the front skeg of my older prostar when people are sitting in the seats is deep.
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    my book on sunsetter says the draft is 18" but i measure more like 24". Seems like Malibu understated them around late 90's early 2000's
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