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Can anybody give feedback on the HO OMEGA, you hear a lot about various other skis, but I am not hearing much about the OMEGA, clearly it is a very capable ski and the video that I have seen, makes the ski look fantastic, but as said before the videos have Pro Skiers riding them, is there anybody out there, who is not a Pro Skier, that can give feedback.
Thanks in advance.

Looking Forward To Getting On The Water, It Has Been A Bleak Winter


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    Stable, fantastic off side turn. Goes cross course very well. I did not ride standard fin numbers. Since I am back on my regular ski in advance of the start of tournament season, I have a 67 for sale in excellent condition. $1000.
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    I've been skiing the last 2 years on a Syndicate Omni 69 then on Syndicate Pro 68 and now for 2 weeks at vacation my first sets on the Omega 68. I ski at 32/34 mph - 15/22 off with 205 lbs and I was not well prepared after a 5 month winter break and it was not my usual water. So fare I like the Omega very much, it is very effortless to ski on especially from 34 mph. Somewhere in between the Omni and the Pro, felt good and round from the first moment. I liked the Pro very much and made very good progress on it last year, the best ski i had so far (was almost on KD and D3 in the past) but he physically killed me especially at 32 mph wich is my necessary opening pass so far. To me the Omega feels very smooth trough the wakes an the turns, grabs not as automatic angel as the Pro but if you ski a bit active you get at least a ton of angel and space trough the wakes. I particularly noticed that i was also able to bring myself into a stacked position if the pull already come off the boat and i was not in a good position out of the the turn, which happens very often to me at the beginning of the season. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season on it and I'm feel this ski will get me through the 28 off or more this year.
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    Bump. What’s the buzz?
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    Why not just try it if you are interested?
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    @jhughes I’m happy with my current ski. Just like reading the skier’s comments about new skis and this design looks to be something different. Doesn’t seem to be as much chatter about the new ones these days, save Denali, as there was a couple years ago.
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    It's still early season, but the feedback I've been receiving from those who have tried it in our Demo Program has been very good. Omega rides a little higher in the water than the Pro and Alpha, so it takes a bit less effort, especially at medium line lengths.

    If you are interested in trying one with no obligation, I would urge you contact me via www.hosports.com/demo and I can get one sent for you to try!

    Also, for those that haven't seen it, @MarcusBrown gives a nice model by model overview here:
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    @ALPJr I'm sure you, and others, are already aware of the HO Demo program, but just incase you hadn't heard about it yet, here's a link with more info:


    I don't think it would be wrong for me to say its the best Demo program in the industry, and honestly its the best way to sample all the high end skis (and hardshell boot) HO Builds, to see what works best (and maybe better than your current ski) for you.
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    Agreed that’s a great demo program. Thanks @MarcusBrown The broad knowledge and experience that the HO team puts into this is unmatched.
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    I got a 68 Omega to try. Anyone have some alternative settings from stock that are working well? I'm not liking the finish of the turn, hard to describe, but it feels loose or unsettled. Not confident hooking up and going. Not sure if it has to do with the low tunnel and riding higher in the water. @MarcusBrown @savaiusini
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    @Not_The_Pug if you can grab video of a couple passes, feel free to send it to me, and I can take a look. What are your numbers at the moment?

    Love to help out.

    Just sent you a direct message with my phone number.

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    @brettmainer can you give a brief comparison of XTR and the Omega?
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    @wawaskr, I can't give a detailed comparison because my Omega experience was only a few sets last August or September and I didn't take any written notes. But, here are the basics.

    The Omega was fast and fun. I don't recall anything I would have it do better, but I missed 38 more than I made it in my 6 or so total tries. I no longer recall the specifics of any individual pass, so I can't provide any better details other than it was me, not the ski. The XTR seems to keep going when I get screwed up at 38 and gets me through the pass, even if it isn't pretty to look at. To be clear, even on the XTR I miss 38 more than I make it. I have never been consistent at 38 and only rarely have I run 38 back to back.

    The Omega (and Alpha too, as I skied that for about a month last June/July) are way less work than the XTR. I could ski 8 passes on either HO and be less beat up and tired than 6 passes on the XTR. I think that is a known attribute of the Nano 1 shape. They keep turning and working their way down course, no matter how unsightly, but it takes a lot of physical effort. Greg Badal told me that he can get just as good of a score, maybe even better, on the XTR as opposed to the Revo, but he couldn't ski a multiple round Big Dawg on an XTR and have anything left for the finals.

    In summary:
    - I have elbow and back pain skiing on the XTR but felt great after skiing the Omega.
    - If I was skiing at Nationals and had to choose the ski on which I would be most likely to run 38, I would pick the XTR.
    - If we were having a contest to see who could run the most 32s or 35s in a row, I would certainly choose the Omega.
    - The summary above perhaps undersells the Omega, because it felt so good I probably would have gotten in better sync with it. I was just too cheap to find out after having bought both a Radar and an XTR in the preceding two months.
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    Bump!! Anyone have some numbers to share on this ski? I have a 67" to demo. Front Binding location? Alternate long and shallow fin settings? Wing angle for 34 mph?
    Bob Grizzi
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    @skibug - Sorry off the grid for a few days- 67 " and skiing at 34.2mph - I think the boots are a bit further forward than Luzz numbers by .25.
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    Just for fun I thru the CG fin in to see what would happen. Made it all feel easier and off side turn feels stronger than the on side now. SWEET!
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    Anyone using a Whispering Fin on a 68" Omega? If so what numbers are you using?
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    New Settings on the HO Homepage for the 2021 Omega but if I understand correctly nothin has changed on the ski shape so it should work also for the 2020. So fare the best setting working for me on the 68 was 30.5, 6.87, 2.495, 0.8 but the new default are 30.25, 6.940, 2.465, 0.79. I will try it out tomorrow.
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    Had a friend lay a new Omega on me to try out. Beautiful layup work and ski finnish work second to none however I wrapped it back up and sent it back with out riding it.
    Reason for not riding the ski is that there were or are 4 quarter X 32 inserts running down the middle of the ski. These inserts deflect through to the bottom surface causing the bottom surface to be noticeably raised. As much as a 32nd of an inch.
    That kind of surface deflect has to have a impact on the skis performance.
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    Sounds like a blem perhaps @Jody_Seal
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    @Jody_Seal We sometimes see this on a small number of early-run skis as we fine tune core fit settings, etc. While not the intended finish quality we strive for, I've skied a few test skis like this over the years and can assure you that you cannot tell a difference. You'll run all your same passes.

    PS. those inserts are M6 for those who use our Direct Connect system B)
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
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