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AWSA Now Allows Practice Class F Scores For Rankings

JeffSurdejJeffSurdej Posts: 624 USAWS Official
Sanctioned events may be put on hold for the near future, but that doesn’t mean skiers still can’t compete. AWSA is pleased to announce that members can now enter practice scores to be judged online by a panel of officials where final scores will be submitted online to the AWSA national rankings list. Please note that USA Water Ski & Wake Sports and the American Water Ski Association strongly encourage all members to practice social distancing and any other CDC or state guidelines that are currently in place, and remember that USA Water Ski & Wake Sports is not sanctioning (providing insurance coverage) any water ski activity (tournaments, clinics, practices or exhibitions) through May 17.
There are 2 methods for submitting practice scores.

1. You can submit a video of your practice performance in slalom or trick at Practice scores will be judged online by a panel of officials where final scores will be submitted online to the AWSA rankings. Videos can be uploaded to AWSA's DropBox at or any other platform such as YouTube. Videos should be named so that we can identify who the skier is and the date of the video, for example, johnsmithjune62020. Trick videos should be submitted as one continuous video for pass 1 and 2. Make sure there is a clear indication of the start of the trick run. Slalom videos should show the boat speed and rope length before each pass and boat times after each pass. Slalom videos only need to be submitted for last completed pass and final pass, for example, if you run 30 mph, 32, 34 and 3 @ 36, you need only submit the 34 and 36 passes on 1 continuous video.

2. Practice performance scores in slalom, tricks, or jump can be submitted and signed off by a rated official. You can download a performance card by clicking here (PDF). This card can be mailed in or uploaded online at You can also manually enter a practice score at

Practice scores will count as class F scores, which means they cannot exceed Level 5. You only need to have a $19.95 membership to be eligible to submit practice scores. Join at
AWSA President


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