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Does anyone know what happened to Pentalago. Last I heard they canceled their tournament. Did they ever get any houses built?
Dave Island- Princeton Lakes


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    its where you want to live
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    I was just there in Dec...two lakes are still there...pastue land,

    two houses. Not for me.
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    Same as rest of the US waterski lake market. To much $$$ and not enough waterskiers making enough $$$ to buy.

    Most developers holding lots on these lakes are in $$ trouble.
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    I agree with MS (wait, this is becoming a trend!).  The ski lake market is oversupplied and overpriced.  Not sure what it is going to take to bring prices down other than projects going bankrupt.  Developers seem to think prices will rebound if they just wait long enough.  I don't see it.  Surveying just a small slice of the ski lake market, there are markets that have as many lots as they do skiers, and not all skiers can or want to live on a ski lake due to $$, location, etc.  I think this ends badly.
    Jim Ross
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    Location, location, location.  If you develop a ski lake in an area that is not attractive to "non-skiers", you will have a difficult time generating an acceptable ROI.  But, if you build in a desirable location that just happens to have a ski lake adjacent to it, your chances of success are much greater.  The ski lake market may be saturated in certain areas of the country but I could identify several areas where ski lakes would succeed due to the lack of suitable public water.  You have to undertake market research to determine where the areas of "potential" success lie and the associated costs of building in those areas.
    Joe Darwin
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    Princeton Lakes has been very successful. To Joe's comments we have a lot of non skiers who like living on a lake and proximity to DFW can support that
    Dave Island- Princeton Lakes
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    I failed to mention location as the key. No dought that if there are no lakes to be had, you will have people that will invest. If you saturate the market in a location, you will run into trouble.
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