Senate Pro vs Lithium Vapor vs something else

Hello fellow buoy slayers. Just wanted to get the community opinion on my next foray into a ski. I am currently on a 2016 Senate Graphite which has done me well over the years. Current PB is 32’ at 34 mph coming from never running a course until 3 years back. Thank you YouTube. I am looking for the next ski to purchase and am hoping for the opinion of the masses. Senate pro has a lot of good reviews but I see little regarding the lithium vapor. Any thoughts?

Should be noted, I am in a crossover water sport family so we have a 2018 MC XT-21. Not the worst wake, but not a pro star or ski Natique.

While I love the senate I have always felt it rides very high in the water which may be contributed to the extra width and riding a 67 at 170 lbs.

Anyway if you have a moment please share your thoughts :) As always less rope more buoys.


  • ReggieOReggieO Posts: 94 Baller
    Senate pro! Just came off the vapor and really enjoy the senate much more.
  • TheBirdTheBird Posts: 4
    Thanks Reggie! Will probably start there and demo that baby out. 🀘🏻
  • LobonatorLobonator Posts: 73 Baller
    I made the switch from a 18 lithium vapor to a 19 senate pro (same shape) have been super happy.

    Bought the vapor 3 seasons ago when I started skiing the course. I really liked it, but found I needed to be absolutely 100% there mentally and physically to have a good set.

    The Senate felt way smoother, and equally as fast (vapor has an extra turbo level that I felt on occassion). In half a season since switching to the Senate pro, my PB has gone from running 15off @ 34mpg to 3 @ 28off -34mph.

    Another guy I ski with, felt very similar and grabbed a 2020 senate pro over a vapor last season too!
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