Why Freddy Krueger is a real champion

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A huge thank you to the Lake Meadowbank Waterski Club for their vision - what an example they set fostering and growing tournament waterskiing. Meadowbank Ski Club arranged a massive state-wide public and club skiing weekend immediately after Moomba - the biggest waterski tournament in the world. All done because they wanted to bring Freddy Krueger not just to Melbourne Australia but even further, to Tasmania. The club went all in and built a whole fun filled family weekend around Freddy. Social skiing, barefooting, teaching kids to ski you name it. The club jump was fully refurbished and Waldy Priekulis - one of the best ever 3 event drivers ever came too. Waldy was in command of a 6.2 litre Prostar to give Freddy his best shot at clearing the 60m long line of buoys for the excited crowd. Over the 3 days, Freddy ripped set after set of HUGE jumps! The club organised an amazing Q&A session and Freddy's stories captivated – and motivated - all. As this happened, my four kids aged 7 to 14 took it all in and coming back from an evening ski, my 12-year-old daughter asked me if I would let her have a try at jumping. In a moment of weakness (I can't believe I said yes), as we pulled into the finish dock, I asked an up and coming skier if anybody might be able to help (thinking she might be willing). She kind of laughed at me, looked over her shoulder and said "um" (as in can't you see whos standing right here!). Standing behind her, keeping warm under his hoodie, I hadn’t seen it was Freddy but his eyes lit up, he stepped forward and he offered to help! Freddy made all the time in the world for us, searching the whole site for suitable skis, then taught Zarah to ski on them on open water. Declared ready by Freddy, Zarah couldn’t wait for the next day. The plan was for Freddy to jump for the crowd until his feet could take no more, then he would rest for 5 minutes and ski next to Zarah. The next day came and the crowd roared as much as the 6.2 Prostar did as Freddy smashed the 60m mark. Freddy helped Zarah with her gear before putting his back on himself and off they went. Freddy showed Zarah exactly how she was to go over the corner of the jump by doing it next to her himself then they swapped sides and off she went. He reassured her the whole time as they skied together; he held her by the jacket as she went over. As a Dad, you can't ask for more than the best jumper ever, with probably the best driver ever, behind the best jump boat ever for your daughter to learn the sport. What an amazing chance. The crowd support was unreal and many told me the highlight of their weekend was watching Freddy teach Zarah. I can’t explain how caring and patient Freddy & Waldy were except to say that they treated us like we were doing them the favour! It was an incredible weekend, check out the video and see Zarah from 1m42s to 1m46s
A huge thanks to Lake Meadowbank Ski Club, Freddy, Waldy and all the top skiers who made the trip to Tasmania and put this on for us!!! Although all this happened back in March, I’ve been waiting for the video to be available before posting this. Anyway, check out the video here https://facebook.com/watch/?v=231588301362289

And another video here https://youtu.be/eTbh9pmuEnI




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    That’s awesome!
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    Well done Freddy. Kids will remember that forever.
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    Great story, lifetime memories for sure.
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    Really great to read this story! Lifetime memories. Side note: I’m sure it took a lot of effort to organize the event but crowds did come to see waterskiing.
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    We used to do a camp in Waterloo, IA, for head injured patients who primarily used a sit-ski and another day for the Vinton blind where we taught blind kids to ski. Was some of the most meaningful stuff I've ever done with some truly thankful individuals.

    I can't imagine being instructed by Freddie, or having my kids have him as their "wing-man" while learning to jump. Super cool
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