Ski or binding recommendations? 6'-2", 225#, free-ski, 36mph, 22off

For about 30 years, I've been skiing on a 68" O'Brien LaPoint Mirage with the original double high wraps. I'm knocking on 50 years old and considering a birthday present for myself, prompted by finally blowing out both the rear and front boots on my LaPoint. Any recommendations for new bindings for that dinosaur? I like 2 boots. Recommendations for an entire new ski and bindings? I'd like to stay under $800 so I have to be open to used and 1-5 years old. Thanks and looking forward into tapping into all the knowledge and opinions out there!


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    First, great name. Second, where do you live and would you be up for demoing skis? Third, any plans to ever try the course?

    If you're going to stay at 36 MPH, a 69" Radar Vapor is hard to beat for your size. If you plan on slowing to 34 at all, a Senate would give you better support. If buying used, the 2016 Vapor is a gem (definitely the most popular ski of all time on this website) and you could probably find a Lithium with boots in your price range. The 2020 is also getting rave reviews, though it'll be a bit harder to get into a Lithium or above in your price range. Not that the Alloy or Graphite tiers are slouches of skis at all. Anything you get on is going to feel like a BMW M3 compared to the 1982 Corvette Stingray you're coming from.
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  • Thanks UWSkier. Good info. It sounds like you're sold on Radar. Yes, I'm very open to demoing. I've heard that our local ski shops (Minneapolis, MN) no longer have demo programs. I plan to stop in to a couple to confirm and to see what they have. I've dabbled in the course over the years, but it's been 10+ since. My lake neighbor has a portable course that he's been putting out on occasion. I'm hoping to revisit my course dabbling sometime before the snow flies here.
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    Radar tends to be a user friendly brand. HO is also a good brand for us bigger guys. Some of the brands neglect us.
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    Aside: Ever try free skiing at 34/-28? My guess is it would feel even better, but my perspective may be warped as a pure buoy chaser since age 12.
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    I'm certainly not the best skier on this site, but I'm 6'2" and 245, and I like my Radar Senate. I tried on a bunch of bindings and ended up going with Wiley's rubber boots. FWIW.
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    I was skiing a 20 year old Connelly and last year (after some advice here) I sprung for a 2019 Radar Senate Alloy. I’m 64 and skiing better than ever now. Very happy with the ski and response from Radar to my questions. I usually free ski at 15 off at around 32 mph.
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