Pro skiing is back and is Fantasy Water Skiing... Drafts Open for Stillwaters Pro Team Challenge!

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After a long break since Moomba we finally have a pro waterski event taking place this weekend in Wisconsin. Over 20 pros are competing in a team handicap challenge this Saturday and Sunday. 3 rounds total with all 3 events taking place for both men and women. You get to draft 2 in each group. Drafts are due Saturday morning. Please note that real scores will count not handicapped scores. For more information on how the cuts will work visit:

Event will feature Pros from around the country competing for our Stillwaters Team Challenge. The top Junior in each age group from Friday will move on to Team Challenge and draft a 5-person team. These teams will compete in Slalom, Trick & Jump with over $30,000 in outstanding prize packages.
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