Comparing D3 Ion vs. 2020/2021 Radar Vapor Pro

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I'm ready for my next ski. I've been skiing a 68" 2019 Vapor Pro Build for a season, and I don't ski it as well as my 2016 Vapor (my previous ski). Onside is great, but offside is a complete guess at every offside ball (I'm RFF). I'm in my 3rd season of skiing the course seriously and working hard on technique. But that said, I have very little confidence in this ski after riding it for over 100 sets and I'm ready to try something new . I ski about half of my passes at 28-off and I ski mostly at 32 mph, but working towards 34 mph. There are a lot of great insights on both skis on BOS, but very few, if any, comparisons between the two skis. So...any advice on the differences between these two skis and what I can expect from each? Thanks! :smile:


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    Look into a seante pro instead based on speed and ability , you will move faster up the rope !
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    Thanks, I actually experimented with a 2019 Senate Pro this summer for two weeks. Loved the predictability of the ski, but I was on a 67 and it felt like I was sinking and sluggish compared to my Vapor (I'm 6-2 and 210 lbs). I worry that the 69-inch Senate Pro will be too big if I upsize. I wish Radar made a 68 inch Senate. I sold the Senate to a friend at my club and it transformed his skiing.
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    @anderson I’m 215 on 69 Senate pro great ski
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    Thanks, @paul413ski - Appreciate the advice
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    Curious if you went to a new ski and if your offside confidence or consistency improved.
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    HI -have skied both the Radar Vapor 19 and the D3 NRG 2 at mostly 32 mph and 28 & 32 off. I could never seem to get a nice 2 ball turn on the Vapor and never got to 3 ball at 35 off. On the D3, I have gotten deeper into 35 consistently. On the Radar, I ran 32 really well all the time. Off side was also unpredictable. The D3 is slower but a better turning ski in my opinion. Definitely slower though. It took me a while to realize that I was still in the pass approaching the buoy. You should try the D3 but give it enough sets to get used to the difference in how they ride.

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    @Anderson Like you I also went from a 2016 Vapor to a 2019 Vapor. Never felt as comfortable/stable on the '19 as I did the '16. Last season picked up the D3 Ion S and after some fin adjusting, the ski feels rock solid in the turns and fast cross course all with less effort on my part.
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    @MJE What fin adjustments did you make to get the D3 Ion-S dialled in? Also what size?
  • MJEMJE Posts: 124 Baller
    @ballsohard 68" - I ended up .025" longer, .005" shallower, and .02" forward of stock with the fin. Bindings at stock.
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    Didn't realize this was an old thread, my comment was irrelevant!
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    Feel free to PM me and I can help with your setup on the 22 Vapor and we can tweak that offside to get dialed in!
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    This is an old thread, so I’m curious what @Anderson went to. The 19 Vapor shape took me to a PB at the time, but I felt inconsistent. The 2020 Vapor was a big step up in consistency. It was a great ski, and probably the best since the 2016. Like all Vapors, they like front foot pressure but the 20 felt like it had great balance and would always let you turn it, even narrow into the ball.I haven’t tried the 2022 Vapor but really want to. The Ion is fast and predictable I’m consistently deeper into -32 and knocking on -35 more than ever. As much as I’d like to try the 22 Vapor, I’m riding the Ion until the season ends. I just always have space before the buoy.
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    Forgive me as I didn't see the date originally posted. Hope he got it figured out though!
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