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About 10 days ago I did my usual evening slalom run however when the boat pulled me out of the water I noticed a searing pain in my left shoulder and arm.Of course being foolish I finished my 2.5 mile run in pain and told my wife I was hurting as I got into the boat.It was my left shoulder arm which had surgery a few yrs ago and I figured no big deal and took 2 days off due to the pain getting worse.I went back to skiing and still having minor issues and my wife noticed the damage to my arm area when I was standing naked in the bathroom.WOW I guess I did some tears or damage to the muscles.Add this to my already bone on bone on both knees and a bad left SI joint that needs a shot and skiing at my age is getting more difficult.Just celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary with my best boat driver and now have to evaluate how much longer I can ski with this old body this summer.To ALL you young folks please enjoy each day as it really goes by FAST.
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    From the look of your injury spot I would guess the lat muscle and the tendon insertion point on the arm. My theory is the muscle gives out possibly from overuse and the tendon takes a beating. I did a similar thing about 3 weeks ago felt like a tear getting out of the water, and it's taken me off the water. I didn't have the external bruising that you have. It's a deceiving injury as there are many things you can still do normally. I'd be curious to hear your official diagnosis should you get that checked out.
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    I suggest an Ortho visit, especially considering your history in the area. Take care of yourself.
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    Heck of a place for a hicky!
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    Be careful not to tear the lat muscle. Take it easy for a few days
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    Just got some news which is not good.Most likely a rotator cuff issue probably the teres minor.Was advised no skiing for probably 2 to 4 wks depending how things go.Not sure I can last that long however my knees are bone on bone and other issues.So my favorite boat maybe up for sale and may take time off to decide what to do with this old body.LOVE THIS SPORT......however its getting tougher to do as I age.
    Ron Engblom Brainerd lakes,minnesota
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    Trying to understand that diagnosis. Do you have pain in the back of the shoulder? The blood pattern and your description looks and sounds an awful lot like what I did. I realize that it could emanate from other places though. My Lat was noticeable sore along with the tendon that runs under the arm and joins the upper arm after the initial soreness passed my shoulder was fully mobile. I couldn't pull and still can't to any strong degree. A chin up would be out of the question. Either way you will miss water time and for me at least there will be no season left by the time I get it strong. That sucks! So I empathise with you.
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    @bananaron - get two new knees and work your A off in rehab and to get back in ski shape. I got one 2 years ago just short of my 60th and it was well, well (as in super) worth it. I know it's daunting to think of that, plus your SI, plus your shoulder, but your give up skiing option sucks. Don't give up, man.
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    I had an incident with similar bruising 4 years ago. MRI did reveal rotator cuff. Means zero except that I wasn't surprised when you said rotator cuff. In my case, I can't be 100 percent certain that the rotator cuff was not torn before the skiing incident. Good luck in your recovery.
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    @skiboyny - so how did things recover for you? I have a Lat insertion injury. Didn't MRI it. I am at 6 weeks of rest and home rehab. It still feels sore when I pull down (closing a rea lift gate, garage door, etc.) or pull something far from me toward me (reaching something on the far side of the table and pulling toward me). Doc says, keep R&R for another 6-8 weeks. Hard to be patient, since all other movements in all other directions feel normal and strong.
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    @ToddL It's been almost 2 years and it plagues me still. It at this point is as strong as before, but very slow to recover from hard use. If I introduce skiing or strength training at a slow progressive pace (not very easy with the skiing) I can get used to the activity and be somewhat normal. It's a good injury to have because there are so many things you can do without even knowing you had it. For me getting out of the water is much harder on it than the skiing. I'm not really sure if that's a product of skiing, and shows up getting up or just getting up.
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    Yikes! 2 years later... :-( Hope it continues to improve for you.
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    I hope you have a bit better luck. Tendons can take a long time to be pain free!
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    @ bananaron I felt something pop in the same area in our tourney 2 weeks ago!
    Pain but no bruising still have full range of motion. Have pain with some movement such as pulling down to close a window!
    I will try skiing this weekend if it is too painful then off to see the doc!
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    @teammalibu GOOD LUCK....Dont wait too long to go in to see the ortho doc.You can do more damage I was lucky only a partial tear and did rehab for many months.I still have some pain however I had major surgery on this shoulder yrs ago and I am old now.Take care......
    Ron Engblom Brainerd lakes,minnesota
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