How do lace up bindings like the Radar Profile release?

DoubleBDoubleB Posts: 6 New Baller
I'm a pretty new skier, just now getting into the course at 15 off and recently bought my own ski, a 2020 Connelly V. I now need some bindings but have only ever used rubber bindings so was wondering how other types work. So for lace up bindings, do you just keep the top laces pretty loose and then in a crash, the elastic stretches enough to let your foot come out?

I use a rear toe plate so I figure something that releases fairly easy would be good so I don't get into a situation where my back foot releases and my front foot doesn't. I found a good deal on a Radar Profile boot, would something like that be good for a new skier or should I stick with rubber bindings? I would prefer safety over performance.


  • dvskierdvskier Posts: 777 Crazy Baller
    The Radar Profile is a great binding. I always release .when necessary. I keep the bottom lace tight and the top on snug, not tight. Never a problem .and the binding provides excellent support.
  • DoubleBDoubleB Posts: 6 New Baller
    Thanks for the input. Did you go true to size with it or size up? Also, do you know if that binding would attach to a Connelly ski?
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    As for Radar bindings attaching to a Connelly ski, you should be good to go. I referenced the following topic before purchasing Radar Vector bindings for my HO ski. They fit great.

    Do Connelly Bindings Fit on Radar Skis

    Check out the comment from @ricski39 .
  • dvskierdvskier Posts: 777 Crazy Baller
    The Profile binding fits as its sized, I wear a 9 shoe and the size 9 binding fits perfectly. It will fit on your Connelly fine as a front binding, not sure about rear binding fit. I recommend a rear toe plate.
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    Not about lace up but maybe usefull?

    I think that the Profile has been replaced with the Pulse binding.
    I really liked the Profiles. A bit wider footbed compare to the Vapors.
    The Pulse has separate Intuition liners.
    A bit stiffer left to right. A bit more narrow (unfortunately, why have the same witht for all bindings?).
    I ski better with the Puls bindings...
    Life is too short not to enjoy every day!
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    I have had Radar bindings since they were first available. Presently on my 3rd set. The release method is all about the laces. DO NOT LACE THEM UP TIGHT. Especially the upper lace. Snug the lowers and barely snug the uppers. I check the tightness by standing on my ski on the boat platform in the bindings, by lifting my heel up. I make sure that I can lift my heels up approx half way out of the binding with a fair bit of resistance. Loser the safer.
  • DoubleBDoubleB Posts: 6 New Baller
    Appreciate all the advice guys. Went ahead and ordered the Radar Profile and then a Connelly RTP to make sure it fits on my ski. I'm looking forward to trying them out
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