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Gauge Replacement on 2002 Ski Nautique

FredGarvinFredGarvin Posts: 17 New Baller
I know this topic has been discussed quite a bit but not sure where things stand now. I see the replacements for the teleflex gauges offered both "with perfectpass" and "without perfectpass". I have PP stargazer and wondering if I should get the replacements for use with perfectpass or run them completely separately and get "without perfectpass".


  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,461 Mega Baller
    Double check with your vendor - but from what I've seen this is a bit outdated as these are the same kits as you'd get pre-stargazer.

    - with PP they sell you a kit with 1 gauge and its a paddlewheel gauge.

    If you don't have it they sell you 2 gauges and a paddlewheel to install in the hull.

    I'd imagine since your boat is an 02 that it already has a paddlewheel in it but if it has a pitot driven speedo you might see if they can sell you a different sender.

  • FredGarvinFredGarvin Posts: 17 New Baller
    It does have a paddlewheel. I'll have to give them a call.
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,461 Mega Baller
    Ya sounds like the kit varies only by wiring harness number of speedos and of it comes with a paddlewheel.

    Your stargazer won't be involved with it at all.
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