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Setting personal scores and record scores

SlalomSteveSlalomSteve Posts: 66 Baller
edited October 18 in News & Other Stuff
Some questions of terminology and a couple about rules:

1. When people talk about PBs (Personal Bests), that includes both practice and official tournaments? And a Tournament Best is only at a tournament (and are those TBs)?

2. In terms of Tournament Bests, that implies that the skier also ran the preceding line lengths (ie. [email protected] means they ran up to 39off to even get a crack at 39off)?

3. PB doesn't imply any "up the line" passes - it's just the best pass someone has ever run (knowing it may or may not exactly fall in a tournament tolerance, and it might have come on the same length 6 times in a row)?

4. Is there any rule in tournaments that prevents a skier from simply opting all the way to, say 41off? I understand that means no warm-up... but say someone's an inconsistent 39off skier but thinks they'll be able to get 1 at 41off, couldn't they opt up and "skip" the need to run 39, and be happy with a low 41off score? I have no personal experience past 15off lol, but I have to think [email protected] is actually easier than [email protected]?

5. To set a record (national, age, world, etc), that obviously has to happen at an approved tournament to make sure it's legitimate, but that means it also requires running up to that line length, and only one shot at that line length, correct? I'd be curious to see a tournament where the top guys just get 5 stabs each at either 41 or 43 and see what happens.


  • HortonHorton Posts: 29,738 Administrator
    1) people define it the way they want
    2) yes consecutive
    3) if the previous pass is not completed or skipped no bueno. You could go off the dock at 39 and get 1/4 ball you are just a bozo. I'm sure somebody will explain zero-based scoring.
    4) same as above and in the official scorebook the score would be one ball at the slowest speed longest line allowed for your division.
    5) you can do that in France

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  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,878 Mega Baller
    Short answers:
    1. For most people, a PB only counts if the score is achieved in a tournament. A PB is entirely personal, so you can set it any way you want. But most people thinks a PB refers to a tournament score.
    2. See 1., but yes.
    3. PB is up the line, but again it’s personal so it can be whatever you want it to be.
    4. If you run 38 and opt up to 41 and get a score of one, in the scorebook it’s [email protected] See 2 above.
    5. Yes, but in a multi round tournament you can set a record in any round, so that’s sort of like taking several stabs at it. You could sanction a F tournament and employ the format you suggest (and it might be pretty fun), but under current rules it could not count for a national or world record. FYI, National records are age group records except in the open or masters divisions. National records may be set in E, L or R tournaments. World records must be set in R tournaments. The difference between an E or L on the one hand and an R on the other is the technology required and the number and qualifications of the officials used.
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,554 Mega Baller
    To me, a PB is set the same way a TB is set, up the line, consecutive passes, shortest line completed pass must be run in full for the next non-complete pass buoy score to count. The only difference is driver/boat tolerance is not judged in practice. I only score practice PB’s as legitimate if I know my driver is good enough to trust the path.
    For a tournament score to count, yes, you must complete the pass before it to score your incomplete pass buoy score. Opting up and not running the pass gets you the buoy score at the pass you skipped.
  • ScottScottScottScott Posts: 1,052 Mega Baller
    edited October 19
    I do keep track of practice PB and tournament PB. For my practice PB I don't necessarily use the straight up the line, but I don't move up to the next line until I've run the previous. My 3 at 32off/32mph practice PB may be a 2nd attempt of 32 after running straight up 15, 22, maybe a 2nd shot to get through 28, then a couple 32s to get around 3ball. My tournament PB is 2 at 28off/32mph.

    Here's the zero base scoring chart. You can start anywhere you want, but your 1st pass needs to be run complete or you score as if it was the beginning pass of long line/15.5mph, 1-6 points. (I have a couple 1s or 2s on my scoring list...they've dropped off, but I do have 2 zeros from missed gates, or once a wipeout through the gates trying to adjust for what was going to be a missed gate. Those were all likely a 30mph 15off pass.) This prevents people from starting at a short line that they can't complete and getting points for it. (as in your example if someone starts at 41off and just gets around 1 ball, they get 1 point.) After each pass completed you must move down or right (faster or shorter.) After completing a pass you can skip (opt up), tho if you don't make the full pass you skipped to you score as if it was the next pass after the last one you completed.
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