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Mastercraft Pro Fantasy Waterski Drafts are Open!

JeffSurdejJeffSurdej Posts: 680 USAWS Official
"He gonna do one more". We thought the season was over but the Mastercraft Pro has quite a slate of skiers so we are going to have Fantasy for this weekend. It's 2 qualification rounds and a final in MS and WS, top 6 go to the finals. MJ is 1 round and top 6 go to finals. Please note the last chance qualifier of round 2 of Men's jump will not count because not all jumpers will be jumping. You're going to draft 4 Mens Slalomers, 3 Mens Jumpers, and 3 Mens Slalomers with $1,200,000 in cap value. Good Luck.
AWSA President
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