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MasterCraft Pro | mid-air edge change?

MurrskiMurrski Posts: 189 Baller
I'm a big fan of MC boats, all the innovation and if I was in the market to buy new it would be a MC but I noticed on the webcast of the MC Pro (men's round-1) that so many skiers appear to be edge changing in the air. Tony mentions this a couple times... think it was Sean's set that I remember distinctly but I just thought I saw a lot of that with many skiers. When I took notice - I also thought most of the times I saw it was at lines 11.25 or shorter. I didn't notice this during Swiss Pro, Travers GP or Malibu. Anyone else feel this was happening more than usual? Thoughts?


  • PatMPatM Posts: 773 Crazy Baller
    If it is happening it is not affecting scores.
  • MurrskiMurrski Posts: 189 Baller
    Good point @Pat M - the scores are right in line with Swiss
  • chris55chris55 Posts: 403 Crazy Baller
    @Murrski I noticed it too and was surprised espacially because it is a new hull .... and I did not see that with Nautique or the Malibu at 11.25 and 10.75 too
  • WishWish Posts: 8,138 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    +1 for what @Horton said. Watch just about any Andy M vid where he gets in to extreme short line. Air edge change was common place for him. If u watch this vid, the shorter the line the more extreme and hard the edge change is...airborne at times.

    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
  • Ictjhawk316Ictjhawk316 Posts: 5 New Baller
    these guys must not be MC guys. to me anyone watching would think this is by far the best boat and its not even close. Lots of records the last few days and the best scores in a 3 way run off in history of mens finals?
  • chris55chris55 Posts: 403 Crazy Baller
    @Wish thank you for the video but what I see is......incredible skiing jaw hit the floor when I see 2009 can you imagine now with the new skis and new boat ????
  • ScottScottScottScott Posts: 1,052 Mega Baller
    edited October 25
    Overall it was some pretty amazing skiing yesterday, especially considering the pretty strong head/tail wind. Swiss was pretty windy also, but its a lot more protected, even on the ends with the head/tail wind. Lake Grew has a lot of open land with no tree protection coming off I4 so that head/tail wind has a long way to build up. For Nate to run 41 3 times....pretty crazy. Must be the boat.....
  • MurrskiMurrski Posts: 189 Baller
    Scores were incredible in the men's final. 3-way tie with 5 @ 10.25 and to come back out at 10.75 for the runoff... so fun to watch! Ladies put up some great scores as well over the three rounds. I was the one who opened this thread but I 100% admit that you can't argue with the performances in slalom and jump!
  • brettmainerbrettmainer Posts: 337 Crazy Baller
    I noticed the skis popping off the trough more than usual as well. TGas round 1 is exhibit A. Maybe a little bit of denial by our fearless leader. To be clear, if I could pick any of the three current boats for a tournament ride tomorrow, it would be the MasterCraft, so I am definitely not a hater. I think the larger trough than I am used to seeing from the MC was due to 3 people in the boat and maybe some extra electronic gear.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 29,738 Administrator
    @brettmainer I for one do not feel the difference between a full tank and a near empty tank on the ProStar. So...

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  • slowslow Posts: 417 Crazy Baller
    Maybe it needs microtuners
  • chris55chris55 Posts: 403 Crazy Baller
    Maybe the wake is harder at 36mph than 34mph ?
  • AdamCordAdamCord Posts: 862 Open or Level 9 Skier
    I wouldn’t read much into it. I did a flying edge change at the Malibu Open and at Hilltop behind the SN. I normally train behind a 200. It’s more likely to happen first couple sets behind any boat you aren’t used to, especially if those sets are in a high pressure tournament where you are going really hard.

    I haven’t skied the new MC but from what I’ve heard the wakes a great and it skis great.
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 3,037 Mega Baller
    They could have weighted the nose out of habit to add a little insurance to pull record paths. That, plus the extra boat crew, could have amplified the trough a little. The scores seemed to be really close to any of the other boats or other previous models. There were a couple surprises to the downside, but I didn't see the boat playing any big part of that.
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