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SwaterSki! Snow/Water ski on December 5th to fight Cancer!

HortonHorton Posts: 30,230 Administrator
edited November 2020 in News & Other Stuff

NBTS logo InSupportOf COLORWebster, MA - The Webster Water Ski Collective is honored to partner with Foxy Travel / FTI Coach, Wachusett Mountain and the Menard family to host the inaugural “Swaterski to Fight Cancer” event at Point Breeze, Webster, in memory of Christine (Repsys) Menard. The event will benefit the National Brain Tumor Society.

“December 5th isn't a day I like to remember, it is the day we lost my Mom to glioblastoma, a very aggressive and currently incurable form of brain cancer,” said Keith Menard. “

Finding a way to give back

The “SwaterSki” event will be a dual Water Ski and Snow Ski event taking place on December 5th. Water skiing will be for those brave enough to ski in a New England December and will be held at the Webster Water Ski Collective shack at Point Breeze Marina. Following Waterskiing, we will go to Point Breeze restaurant where participants can enjoy a free adult-beverage (beer/wine) for those over 21. Afterwards, those wanting to complete the Swaterski event can join us at Wachusett Mountain for a night ski. Transportation will be provided for those who want to join the group from Webster.

I think when you are affected by the death of someone close to you, you want to find some way to give back, some walk, some ride, and me, well, I waterski, and I snowboard.” said Keith Menard. “Think of it as the waterskiers version of a polar plunge..”

How people can get involved
Participants can sign up before 11/20 at If you aren’t local, send in a donation and a picture or video of you participating on your home site. If you prefer to stay a little warmer, you can still support the event by making a donation. All checks can be made payable to the Webster Water Ski Collective, or participants can pay online via PayPal via the site. Following the event, the Webster Water Ski collective will then make a single large donation consisting of the full proceeds from the event to the National Brain Tumor Society . Participants may get their own sponsors to cover their registration fee, and the fees will be tax deductible. We hope to see you at Point Breeze on December 5th!

For more information, press only:
Keith Menard
[email protected]

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  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,388 Mega Baller
    Super group of people, fun club and great cause #SwaterSki
    Keith Menard
  • Keith MenardKeith Menard Posts: 697 Crazy Baller
    With much trepidation....
    We are at about $4,000 in donations! If I can get an additional $500 in sponsorships, I will wear this (probably over a wetsuit).
    Anyone who donates $100 or more from this Friday the 13th on will get an autographed picture of me wearing this sans wetsuit.

    We still have room for about 5 more participants this year...who is in?

  • Keith MenardKeith Menard Posts: 697 Crazy Baller
    We are up to 21 skiers!
  • MoffattraMoffattra Posts: 71 Baller
    this is so awesome! If it wasn’t for travel restrictions I’d be there for sure! I hope it goes great and I’m already planning on it for next year!
    Keith Menard
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,388 Mega Baller
    Bump... great cause to support even you you can’t make it to Lake Charmauggagaugcharmbaug.
  • Keith MenardKeith Menard Posts: 697 Crazy Baller

    Since I recorded this last night, we have received 15 more donations! Looking forward to adding to the who is skiing in December thread this Sat :)

    If you can support the event, your donation will be appreciated!
  • Keith MenardKeith Menard Posts: 697 Crazy Baller
    Wachusett announced they aren't going to open this weekend after the soaking from earlier this week. Cindy and Shiri both said we are getting doused again this weekend, which makes waterskiing nearly impossible...

    SO, WE ARE RESCHEDULING THE SWATERSKI FUNDRAISER FOR DECEMBER 12! It looks like there are some colder temps in the works next week, so hopefully Wachusett can reopen and we have a decent enough day to waterski.

    As of now, we have raised over $12,000 and have 30 skiers participating. I really appreciate everyone's support!

    If you would still like to donate:
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