Kids jump helmets

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Anyone have a lead for a good source? Used is preferable since everything else they wear gets outgrown in no time. There's never anything on ski it again. Performance appears to only sell icaro's large.

Would any of you feel comfortable with your kids using a wake park helmet with no chin protector? Yes I know that has been the standard before but Mom would be less than pleased with me if one of ours had a chin impact.



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    My son will likely be going over the ramp for the first time next summer and I'm just sticking him in a regular hockey helmet and not thinking twice about it. I could be wrong but I thought the larger helmets that protect your chin were primarily to protect it from hitting the longer skis used for the more serious jumpers in the event of a crash? Don't quote me on that...
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    Bennetts has the best "real jump" helmets.
    Unfortunately, the Shred helmets come in 1 size (BIG) and has pads for smaller heads, so not ideal for kids. The Phantom helmets are very popular and can get a good fit. Should be easy to sell on SIA once they outgrow it.
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    Get a light weight bmx helmet and remove the visor. Varying quality on cost.

    Local Academy here had some youth sizes too.

    And to answer you, no, I would not recommend no face shield protection. It is there to protect from obstacle impact, whether that be skis or the ramp. I jumped for years with an open face and wish I would have changed much earlier. The ear protection is also increased, and being fully enclosed is a better experience(sound/wind reduction, less movement, comfort). The wake helmets are not as protective anyway in my opinion (I have 2 and ride cable parks), and the bike helmets usually meet higher protective standards.

    One thing I would also recommend is wearing a mouth piece earlier than later.
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    thanks everyone. unk, wouldn't the bmx helmets get waterlogged? Or is it really just a bit of foam and the rest air/shell?
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    @buechsr I imagine that unk was talking about the ATV style like the ones you can see here: They work great for jump, and if they do get a little waterlogged, you can squeeze out the pads after the set. The only thing that I would recommend (aside from taking the visor off) is making sure to get a helmet with ventilation, that way any water that's inside the helmet can pass through it
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    Yes, depending on the material, it can start to get waterlogged. There aren’t many on the market, even many jump "specific" ones that don't take on water in some manner. The lesser expensive BMX/downhill helmets have little fabric padding and more foam.

    BMX helmets tend to be lighter than ATV/MX helmets, as they have lesser requirements/certifications.™-helmet

    Personal opinion, I get mine slightly smaller so they're snug, and I clasp the neck clip behind my head, not under the chin, to avoid bucketing and neck cuts.

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    Go to Bennetts and get the right stuff . . .

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    Depending on the size of your kiddo I have a used Cookie G3 helmet that I just haven't got around to putting on SIA. Its a yellow medium. Shoot me a PM if interested.
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    Lol at recommending a $300 helmet for someone to learn to jump. And then we’ll talk about how to grow the sport in another thread.

    What about that $300 makes it more suitable for jump? Especially for a child? They’re aerodynamic and up in your face.. and you can look like some of the pros.

    I ask this because I’ve watched numerous friends go through multiple of those expensive helmets because the inside falls apart, the color fades, etc, while mine has lasted me throughout, including protecting me in multiple crashes. None of the recommended helmets other than the Shred Ready will shed or prevent water “logging”, as they’re all fabric and will retain water.

    The Shred Ready’s are not good imo, I used one for a bit and didn’t feel protected, now you don’t see many people using them outside of college skiers. It’s a kayak helmet, so it’s waterproof, but as was said you’ll never get it to fit right and offers similar protection to a shell wakeboard helmet.

    There is no helmet designed for jump outside of what Ryan Dodd had created. I suggest you think about what the helmet was originally designed to protect against(sky diving, bmx, kayak, hockey, wakeboard), and what may best apply to protection when water ski jumping. It’s great Bennett’s and other shops offer helmets, and they are great helmets, but that doesn’t make them the end all be all.
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    I just wanted to chime in again and say that I 100% agree with @unksskis there's no reason to buy a super expensive helmet to learn with. I (and many others) learned while using a Bell ATV helmet. They offer great protection, and nobody needs their helmet to be specifically aerodynamic while they are plopping over the ramp or learning to single.

    Hell, the only reason that I bought a Phantom X helmet was because it was heavily discounted ($100 on ebay, brand new ones are always going up so keep an eye out for those for anyone else looking for a helmet), and I thought it looked cool. Keeping entry points to each discipline as inexpensive as possible is key to getting more people into the sport.
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    I'm with @unksskis. Save the money. Definitely get a full face helmet, why risk hitting your face on anything. BMX full face with ventilation. You can find them on sale online this time of year from bike shops. And don't put the strap around the front of the neck, put it behind the neck.
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    Hockey helmet with cage. Pretty inexpensive and designed to protect against head injuries.
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